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2020 Vice Presidential Debate: Black Americans Left Out

Proving to be truly fatuous endeavor, the US vice presidential debate opened with 15 minutes of abhorrent bickering over the Wu-Han virus and the subsequent response or lack thereof of the Trump administration.

In a silent & dejected room that reflected the general sentiment of the Black polity, two lobbyist jousted and jockeyed for their positions in a contest that has nothing to do with Black Americans.

Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris engaged in palavering and dodging of questions hurled at them from a deadening host, Susan Page.

During a summer where at moments much of the United States has been turned into a fiery battleground, where US mayors have commended Police department thugs running over citizens, where the National Guard has activated more than 17,000 servicemen in response to its very own citizens uprising, the vice presidential debate managed to make it an entire sixty-nine minutes without mentioning the circumstances leading to Red Summer of 2020 or subsequent decisive awakening of the Black polity in the realm of electoral politics.

Just picture two elderly candidates, one a anachronistic and largely forgetful governor of a state that can only be considered mediocre in terms of economic viability or any other standard national measurement for that matter. The other, a career prosecutor who made her living targeting Black Americans via the legal system, previously creating a situation in her home state that resembles the now infamous botched prosecution of Breonna Taylor’s murders, and is considered by a vast majority of American voting populace as morally corrupt.

Both are not only antithetical to the Black polity’s interest, but now openly show that they no longer have any intention of pretending to care.

When it comes to the vice-presidential debate, most Americans tend to overlook it, and given the previous chaotic and lackluster debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, citizens have a good reason to tune the charade out.

Regardless of Legacy Media’s touting of their exponents, the general sentiment abroad is that the first contest was a legitimate embarrassment for America.

However this particular vice presidential debate should be considered to have similar relevance to the recent presidential “debate”. Given the age and health concerns of the two presidential candidates, the vice presidential debate could be considered of slight importance. If the president is incapacitated for any reason, the vice president would be the successor and takeover duties as President of the US.

Given both candidates refusal to provide concrete solutions for the Breonna Taylor botched prosecution or sufficiently address any of national unrest that followed, the B1 staff has declined to summarize their insincere responses.

In short, the first hour of the “debate” featured Kamala Harris using America’s litany of economic crises caused by the World Health Organization’s arbitrary recommendation of shutting down the entirety of the world’s economy in order to portray Mike Pence and Trump’s administration as the ultimate cause of the current recession.

Next, failed author and journalist Susan Page posed questions regarding Breonna Taylor’s murder. She however failed to mention any circumstances leading up to the raid on Ms. Taylors apartment, such as the fraudulent affidavit used to initiate the unwarranted assault in the first place, the Louisville Metro Death Squads‘ continual tampering of evidence at the murder scene, or even the fact that a sitting common-wealth attorney–Thomas Wine lied to a grand jury regarding the facts associated with the case and even attempted to frame Ms. Taylor’s companion for her own murder.

Susan Page’s utter failure to bring these pertinent facts to light shouldn’t be shocking, considering she’s one of Legacy Media’s older compeers.

Both candidates proceeded to give soaring rhetoric about what the nation “stands” for.
Kamala Harris led with how much it troubled her to see George Floyd being tortured and she reiterated that she stood for fighting for “ideals”(whatever that means). Never mind that Kamala Harris oversaw the refusal of prosecutions of dozens of police murders of Black Americans as California Attorney General.

Mike Pence used the opportunity to label citizens responding to being attacked by Thugs with Badges, as “rioters” and “looters”. If only Mike Pence had the same condemnation regarding recent revelations of President Trump’s tax evasion.

Then in what seemed like the expected insipid climax of the forum, Kamala Harris began to pin Mike pence down on Trump’s refusal to condemn a portion of the irregular forces of white supremacy. In a tirade, Kamala professed that Trumps refusal to condemn gun carrying terrorist was despicable and should disqualify a Trump ticket in the mind’s of the American Voter.

However, 77 minutes into the “debate”, Mike Pence in what would easily be considered the most shocking segment of the debate, countered proclaiming Kamala Harris couldn’t question Trump on race due to her own devious track record as a prosecutor. Pence claimed that as a California district attorney, Kamala Harris was 19 times more likely to sentence Black Americans to prison for simple drug possession.

Pence is referencing a now decade old study conducted in 2012 by the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice over arrest rates for Black Americans. A link to the study has been included below.


Mike pence finished by insinuating that Kamala’s record “speaks for itself.”

For the first time in the evening, Kamala Harris sat completely silent for the following cross exchange. She then went out of her way, asking the moderator 4 times to be allowed to respond, despite the debate rules of engagement being made clear.

On the highest stage, she appeared to be outclassed by a political underachiever.

Once Page allowed Ms. Harris to respond, she stated that she was the first Attorney General to institute body cameras, although she doesn’t mention that most of the California police departments had the option to not wear them. She also stated that she doesn’t agree with chokeholds, while ignoring the multitudes of Black Americans strangled, beaten, and shot by California Thugs with Badges under her reign.

Kamala refused to address her record as a prosecutor, and was clearly upset with the criticism.

The final 10 minutes of the debate allowed the Black polity to hear both candidates plead for their votes without telling Black community what they would do for those votes in return.

Both sides did their now worn typical banter.

Pence stated that he wanted a “better America” (Past statements by the Trump administration indicate hopes of a America without Black people), while Harris stated that “Joe knows pain and suffering” (Most likely a reference to the pain and suffering he put on Black Americans with his policies) and Susan Page allowed for a long overdue closing of the contest.

In conclusion

This debate told the Black populace nothing new because both candidates have made it abundantly clear that they wish to ignore the Black polity’s political interest.

In terms of debate styles, Kamala Harris’s past as a prosecutor shined. She viciously attacked Pence on (largely irrelevant) issues, routinely cutting him off and even physically going as far as to wag her finger at him during moments of the exchange. She refused to mention anything she’d do specifically for the Black polity.

While Pence may have been more professional in terms of rhetoric and linguistic style, he made a habit of rambling on with empty platitudes without consistent policy to show for them. It can’t go unnoticed that he also refused to mention anything he’d do specifically for the Black polity.

Who won this debate?

Its doesn’t matter who won the debate in terms of public opinion. The Black collective wasn’t “in the room” and our political interest were subsequently ignored.

Hence, this contest meant nothing to us.

Barrington Williams, Anthony Dunham, B1Daily Staff

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