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Biden’s War on Black America: The Creation of the Modern Anti-Black Police State

One finds eerie similarities between restrictive policies that the Nazi regime instituted and the US’s current interment of Black people.

“The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
― George Orwell, 1984

A dissident population must be controlled by force of arms. Above that, said force must be regulated and stratified as to not only actively terrorize its opponents, but to also prevent the creation of opposing apparatuses.

Black Americans have been targeted by the US government for generations.

Prior to the civil war, Black Americans were subjected to each states variants of “slave codes”, a series a restrictive laws targeting our rights to exist outside of a concentration camp, then called plantations.

Slave codes made it possible for any white onlooker to report a “out of place” Black person to local slave patrols or deputized white civilians militias for detaining or murder. Codes also tended to ban Blacks from possessing firearms, being out past a certain time, talking back to white civilians, and even going as far as to exclude any court testimony of a Black person that had been accused of harming a white person.

The laws were meant to codify “white fiat” or the idea that Black people have no rights that the US government protects and as the vile supreme court Fiend Roger Taney uttered, “Black men have no rights which the white man is bound to respect”.

Essentially, state legislators along with the federal government went about making their torture of Black people “legal”.

Once Black Americans won the civil war for the north, they were then again targeted by state legislatures for attempting to live prosperously. This time they would call their repulsive measures “black codes”.

Black codes allowed for Black Americans who had made it through the holocaust of American slavery, to be targeted for arbitrary imprisonment in state sponsored labor camps known as “prisons”.

Measures usually entailed giving whites the right to stop & question Black law abiding citizens, ban Blacks from the labor market excluding sharecropping, limit any civil litigation abilities Black Americans would’ve had, and often allowed for the seizing of Black property by state militias or patrolmen.

Codes carried over “white fiat” procedurals, calling for Blacks to be ban from political leadership, forcing Black citizens to avoid speaking to or making eye contact with whites, allowing for the assault and murder of Black families, and created ordinances to prevent Blacks Americans from entering white areas of interest.

Most states may have repealed Black Codes in the 1960’s but the institutions that were created as a result of the wretched legislation remained.

By the 1970s the new pretext for the Black incarceration state was that country was “infested with drugs” (New phrase for Blacks) and states were begging for more funding in order to revamp the crumbling infrastructure that had previously guaranteed the entrapment of Black bodies.

That meant that a new wave of anti-Black legislation from a bipartisan congress was on the horizon.

Enter Joe Biden, a young Pennsylvania attorney and disciple of anti-Black bigots such as Strom Thurmond, James Eastland, & Herman Talmadge.

A man whom when asked rather he believed school busing should be integrated stated that if desegregated he “feared that the schools would be come a jungle”.

That very same Joe Biden began his utilizing his senate seat and legal expertise to continue his forefather’s campaign of anti-Black violence.

1984 Comprehensive Control Act

Written by Strom Thurmond and proudly professed by Joe Biden, the 1984 Comprehensive Control Act expanded drug sentencing laws (not drug laws Biden’s kin were breaking), made stricter bail requirements for “dangerous” defendants (Black people), greatly expanded asset forfeiture laws.

In the past, white state militias would attack demure Black citizens and “seize” their property.

In modern times Joe Biden wrote into law that local police departments not only could seize Black American’s holdings, but that local law enforcement agencies would share up to 80 percent of their proceeds from their theft obtained in “joint operations” with federal authorities.

The US Injustice System would call this “equitable sharing”, and this procedural led to countless instances of Thugs with Badges falsifying evidence, bursting into Black American’s homes, and stealing their possessions.

1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act

Continuing his war on Foundational Black Americans, in 1986 Joe Biden co-sponsored and wrote the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act.

This piece of legislation would create the infamous sentencing disparity between the two identical narcotics, crack and powder cocaine. The latter being used predominantly by white Americans.

The act mandated a minimum sentence of 5 years without parole for possession of just 5 grams of crack cocaine while it mandated the same time served for possession of up to 500 grams of powder cocaine.

1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act

Biden wasn’t finished yet.

Just 6 months after passing the previous anti drug abuse act, Joe Biden would begin working with a team of other like-minded white supremacist attorneys to further expand upon the sentencing for drug possession.

The legislation made crack cocaine the only drug with a mandatory minimum penalty for a first offense of simple possession.

Biden had furthered the nation’s primary objective to imprison Black people. This time under the guise of a revamped drug war.

Blacks would be sent into newly constructed labor camps, with a guaranteed mandatory timeframe that they would have to serve regardless of behavior or situational circumstances.

With the guarantee that Black people would be forcibly housed longer and most certainly expected to extend their sentences due to corruption of prison staff, investment began to poor into the dead industry once more.

The result was that white investors began to make fortunes by funneling money into prison stocks. They now had assurance that these labor camps would be permanently staffed, and that their subsequent output of products or services for the private industry could even bein to be marketed to the public sector for far more profit.

They had now weaponized their evil practice while creating a financial windfall for a new modern day plantation class.

1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act

Originally nicknamed Biden’s law, the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act turned out to be the most draconian & backwards piece of legislation in modern crime history. Links to original congressional documentation have been included below.


Biden’s law allowed prosecutors to charge 13-year-old children as adults for crimes, starting a trend that still reflects today as Foundational Black American juveniles constitute a majority of cases that are transferred to adult criminal court.

After legislating a target on Black youth’s backs Biden’s law then went on to allocate 12.5 billion dollars in funding for states to expand and create more internment camps. Camps where Black American prisoners can be beaten, tortured, sexually assaulted, and even killed with impunity in holding pens known as “Correctional Facilities“.

Biden incentivized states to create more of these facilities in exchange for additional funding.

How would Biden know that more facilities would be needed year after year if any of his previous claims about Biden’s law solvency for crime stood to be true?

Its because Biden didn’t need to know, this bill was a giveaway of billions of dollars to the states to fund a newly invigorated anti-black incarceration system.

Given that prisons in the United States were created to force Black back into slavery, there’s never any question on who these laws will be weaponized against.

Providing the states with more funding for creating more death chambers also meant that Biden’s law essentially put a bounty on Black Americans’ heads.

Biden’s law also provided 2.6 billion dollars to the FBI.

As he ranted in the final proceedings leading up to the 1994 crime bill vote, Biden stated that congress should “Let the FBI agents buy weapons as powerful as the drug cartel has!”
When the FBI already was receiving billions of dollars per yearly congressional budget allotment, Biden wanted more funding for a organization whose admitted core purposes include targeting Black American interest.

Lastly, Biden’s law provided 80 million dollars annually in the form of block grants to “Justice Assistance”, an initiative that would slowly funnel the funds to different police agencies. These police agencies would in turn buy more aftermarket militarized weaponry, explosives, high grade surveillance technology, and would add over 150,000 more “officers“.

When referencing the holocaust, the Legacy media typically limits the discussion to the 1941-1945 prison camps and the US’s following war effort.

However in examining the actions leading up to the formal entrapment of Germanic Jews, one finds eerie similarities between restrictive policies that the Nazi regime instituted and the US’s current interment of Black people.

First, Germany made it legal for Jewish citizens to be banned from employment, promised that courts would never protect their rights, used false accusatory charges to create kangaroo trials, created a Jewish political buffer class to rule over the local Hebrew ghettos, began sending citizens to labor camps, and made sure to heavily arm the local death squads to occupy those ghettos.

All of the tyrannical & fascist policies of the third Reich are currently being used on Black Americans living in the United States in the 21st century.

This brutal campaign of anti-Black violence can’t go on without generational works & efforts from the recipients of the benefits of white supremacy. Joe Biden is one of those recipients and has made a crusade out of harming Black people with his legislative abilities also known as white fiat.

Looking back on his 40 years of anti-Black tendencies, it becomes abundantly clear that Foundational Black Americans are at the front of Biden’s mind.

Now in modern times, Biden wants to come back to the Black polity and tell us why we need to vote for him.

Despite his track record of anti-Black abuse, his repeated insulting of the Black community, and his naked contempt proven in real time, the dominant society now wants us to ” support” Ole Jim Crow Joe.

No Joe, The Family has other ideas .

Barrington Williams, B1Daily


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