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Blue Checks Take Aim At Bill Burr

When we think of hilarious comedy, names like Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, or Paul Mooney. Titans who hit the stage with their edgy depiction of a classical art form.

Gritty storytelling with hardcore truth mixed with punchlines that entertained us for decades.
As a child, I saw my family come together and watch Def Comedy Jam, Comic View and Kings or Comedy. Black entertainment had never seemed so promising. Black

entertainers had finally banded together, hammered out profit sharing, and traveled the chitlin circuit performing for The Family.

Needless to say, my views of Black comics defined my idea of “funny” stand up.
White comics seemed bland and never really entertained me until I discovered George Carlin.
I binge watched many of his specials and stand up. Carlin presented a style that made one look at the world in the same dismal and cynical perspective as he did.

He was a genius at creating long “got-cha” set-ups about US culture and then end up with profound punchlines that made you consider if he or you were crazy.

Listening to George Carlin’s standup provided me the first opportunity of hearing a white comedian lay down game with the same consistency as a Paul Mooney or Red Fox.

Now, Bill Burr has taken over where George Carlin left off.

Hosting Saturday Night Live on October 10, 2020, his opening monologue had some people rattled blue check twitter and Legacy media.

He ranted on Covid-19 drama, the fact that Alphabet community has a celebratory month longer than FBA’s own Black history month.

However, the joke that really irked HollyWeird was his comments on white women.

He started off stating “The nerve of you white women,” he added before explaining his argument. “You guys stood by us toxic white males through centuries of our crimes against humanity. You rolled around in the blood money, and occasionally, when you wanted to sneak off and hook up with a Black dude, if you got caught, you said it wasn’t consensual. Yeah, that’s what you did! …. So, why don’t you shut up, sit down next to me, and take your talking to?”

It would seem that Mr. Burr decided to call out white women’s continual usage of white fiat and their benefiting from it.

The liberal community was outraged over his monologue and now they want blood.

This usually only happens when Black men speak their mind, however white society also reserves this type of scolding for their own internal dissidents.

Bill Burr was stating an obvious fact of American history, the “purity” of white womanhood is used as a catalyst to arbitrary violence against other targeted groups.

Foundational Black Americans have witnessed America’s heinous past and the lack of accountability from the US government regarding these vile crimes.

One example of these white lies in action was the Rosewood Massacre of 1923.

A white woman named Fannie Taylor claimed that a black man entered her home and assaulted her.
Because of this false allegation, white militias attacked the town leading to a death toll of 150 people and subsequent destruction of a prosperous Black town.
Fannie Taylor would later admit to making the story up to cover up an affair she was having with a White man, but she nor any of the white township were ever charged for their lying and vicious murder spree.
The incident was swept under the rug until 1982 when Gary Moore, a journalist for the St. Petersburg Times, resurrected the history of Rosewood through a series of articles that gained national attention.
This exact scenario played itself out hundreds of times in post reconstruction era America.
Thousands of bodies hidden in mass graves, entire white enclaves who participated in not only the slaughter of the innocent but the continual destroying of evidence.

All for white lies.

Bill was right about white fiat, but how can Black Americans change this reality?

Black people must be a protected class of citizens. Brothas and Sistas must take their extra resources at the local level and advocate for policies mandating 25 years to life for false accusations directed at The Family.

We must also understand that the local Thugs with Badges being ‘sicced’ on us won’t stop until we take control of force of arms in are own communities.

There’s no reason why Brothas and Sistas can’t advocate for Black security firms to contractually replace police in a similar manner that Threat Management Center has managed to do in Detroit.

We have to take the offense capabilities away from Karens, and create local apparatuses to safeguard our family, assets, and lives.

These initiatives will take time, but will guarantee that no white-supremacist have systematic back-up that outmatches our will to do justice.

Imagine a day where a Karen threatens a Brotha minding his own business, and instead of local Thugs with Badges showing up, Dale Brown and his Detroit Threat Management team arrive & proceed to handle the situation.

Imagine explaining oneself to a fellow Brotha or Sista that will not “accidently shoot you in the back 7 times”.

The upside is too great to ignore these initiatives.

In conclusion, blue check twitter & HollyWeird attacked Bill Burr for stating an undoubtedly conclusive truth about the white masses savage behavior in the past and present.

Apparently his jokes aren’t so funny when they include a bit of Black truth.

-Anthony Dunham, B1Daily

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