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Analyzing The Final 2020 Presidential Debate

The final presidential was held in Nashville, Tennessee this year.
Unlike the past spectacle, this contest appeared to be more organized, with little to no interruptions from the candidates.

NBC moderator Kristen Welker sufficiently kept the debate stable and gave each candidate a chance to answer questions or make rebuttals.
After the absolute joke of the first US presidential debate, NBC requested the debate conditions be updated to include that the microphones be muted so that the other person could speak without interruptions.

The debate started off with a question regarding the pandemic, both candidates took opposing positions on the topic.

Former Vice President Joe Biden took the approach of encouraging all Americans to wear face masks and the promise to ramp up rapid testing on a national scale. Biden also warned Americans about a “dark winter” in regards to a new viral outbreak and how he’d be more aggressive than President Trump with his use of federal resources to fight a second wave of the virus.

President Donald Trump assured Americans that the virus is going away and that his administration did a reasonable job handling the fallout. Trump also gave additional positive reinforcement by talking about the medical improvements that led to his own recovery from the China Flu and promising Americans that a vaccine is coming in the following months.

After the first question, a verbal sparring match between the two white supremacist candidates followed.

President Trump began to badger Biden by taking jabs on his career as a politician. He also made baseless jabs at Biden and his family’s finances.
Former vice president Joe Biden showed Americans that he’s ready for a fight.

He started by explaining to the American how Trump mismanaged the pandemic. He also described Trump’s leadership as unethical, he went on to claim that not using federal resources a devastating public-health crisis endangered the lives of the American people.

Biden did reveal his own policy agenda in relation to the virus. He that he would increase stimulus spending (most likely additional funding to white corporate America), and move to expand “worker benefits” nationwide.
Towards the middle of the debate, both candidates began to take shots at one another. Biden attacked Trump by making statements like “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America”, a clear reminder to American’s that Trump did not take the virus seriously at early stages.

President Trump attempted to show some “humility” regarding the impact of the virus. He stated that he took “full responsibility”. He then proceeded to blame China, the birthplace of the virus, by saying “it’s not my fault that it came here-it’s Chain’s fault”.

Biden didn’t let go of the lead; he began referencing recent email leaks from Trump’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, a famed white supremacist fiend and previous friend of Mr. Biden.

The emails in reference were are the recently leaked Hunter Biden messages found on a laptop he previously had possession of.

Besides being regularly disparaged for his chronic drug usage, Hunter Biden has also been plagued with criticism revolving around his foreign dealings. He’s alleged to have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Russians, Ukrainians, and Chinese in return for favorable rulings while he was head of different monetary commissions.

Biden claimed that Giuliani was willingly being “used as a Russian pawn”. He also rehashed revelations of Trumps taxes (or lack thereof) in a similar manner to the first debate.

Trump went on to assure the audience that he would release his new tax returns after a audit was done.

The night was filled with bravado.

Biden gave a ardent warning to countries like Russia and Iraq, and stated that they would “pay the price” for any campaign tampering.

Trump struck back by highlighting the Biden family’s own dubious foreign dealings. He further claimed that Joe Biden knew about payments to his son, stating that “They were paying you a lot of money and they probably still are”.
Biden denied the allegations by stating “he had not taken a penny from any foreign source ever” in his life.
He then provided a rebuttal citing a recent report that president Trump maintains a Chinese bank account.
This provided Biden with a strategic counter to Trump’s hampering on the email leaks.

Biden’s most favorable moment may have been when he looked at the camera and began addressing the (white) American people. Biden stated that “You knew” who he was and that Americans knew “his character”.
President Trump started citing the stances of more “liberal” Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.

Trump claimed Biden wanted “to socialized medicine”, a statement that easily refuted due to Biden’s strident stance on free health care or any other alternative that might wrestle away power from the private healthcare industry.
Biden replied “He thinks he’s running against somebody else” and “I beat all those other people because I disagreed with them”.

When it came to the use of federal spending to improve the economy and subsequently American households, both candidates agreed that it was essential to use federal resources but Trump used the moment to attack House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the holdup of the stimulus package.
Trump also floated the idea of not giving any extra funding to Democratic run states by merely calling it “a big bailout for badly run Democrats cities and states”.

Biden called state relief an “urgent priority” and put the responsibility on President Trump to get support from the Republican senate by saying “Why isn’t he talking to his Republican friends?”

They then moved to the topic of illegal immigration.

Currently, the Legacy Media has cycled a story claiming that the US’s white supremacist government was unable to locate the parents of some 500 migrant children separated in their illegal crossing of the border by the Trump administration.

President Trump attempted to dodge the question, and proceeded to blame the Obama administration’s for its initiation of current border policies and creation of additional holding facilities for illegals.

Biden reverted the blame back on Trump by claiming that “Those kids are alone- nowhere to go,” and calling Trumps administrations actions “criminal”, while neglecting to mention his own horrid past incarcerating children in the Black American (who are legal citizens) community.

Biden also suggested that President Trump handle the matter instead putting blame on former President Barack Obama.

Biden then vowed to deliver an immigration overhaul that would offer unauthorized (illegal)migrants a way to attain legal status in the first 100 days of his administration. Essentially offering amnesty to foreigners who broke the law before he offers to repeal his own policies that disenfranchised Black citizens in the states.

The debate then swiftly moved to climate change.

Biden described climate change as a “existential threat”. Although he could not point to tangible initiative that he proposed while previously in the white house, Biden stated that he would require a “nation-wide government response”.

President Trump claimed that construction of renewable-energy facilities would create more emissions than traditional fuels systems currently do. He also blamed Biden for trying to mandate that buildings be constructed in a lesser manner. Trump then claimed that wind energy was “extremely expensive” and “kills all the birds”.

Near the end of the debate, Biden said he would push the country to “transition from the oil industry”. He also made a comment that ‘the oil industry pollutes significantly” and he “would end federal subsidies.”

President Trump said “that’s a big statement” and invoked a series of states that depended on energy-heavy industries. “Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania, Oklahoma?” he goaded.

The topic of national security appeared to be glossed over by the moderator.

President Trump took credit for averting a war with Korean Peninsula by explaining his “good relationship” with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. He blamed the previous administration for failing to establish such relations.

Biden defended the Obama administration and explained that the last presidency didn’t want to “legitimize” North Korea. Biden also claimed that Trump’s relationship with North Korea’s leader was as a “relationship with Hitler”.

Race relations was easily the most explosive topic of the forum.

Biden called President Trump “one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history”. He also stated that Trump “pours fuel on every racists’ fire” making reference on the last debate when President Trump refused to condemn white supremacist extremist groups.

President Trump fired back, declaring himself “the least racist person in this room” and proclaiming that “he has done more for Black Americans than anyone other than Abraham Lincoln.”

But the highlight of the contest was Trumps response to Biden criticisms on the current administration’s racism.

That’s when the knockout punch happened.

President Trump reminded the American people of Biden’s 1994 crime initiative that crippled Black communities and created the modern incarceration state. He stated that Biden “locked up tens of thousands of Black men” and that “they remembered”.

Trump also accused Biden and former president Barack Obama of ignoring issues relating to racial justice.

Biden stammered and proceeded to rebuttal with rhetoric asserting that his administration would prove that his previous abhorrent track record on racism was simply coincidental.

In conclusion, Foundational Black Americans (FBA) and American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) have a choice to make.

Do Black Americans want a Klansmen or the Grand Dragon?

-Anthony Dunham, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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