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The Republican’s Illegal Winning Strategy

Too many Black Americans appear to be protesting what they’ve continually elected or rather selected.

In the past weeks, thousands of protestors rallied in Washington, DC and other cities across America to protest against President Donald Trump’s recent supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and his defeat in the election.

The rallies were inspired by the first women’s march in Washington, DC during the 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump.
The demonstrators were angry that the Republicans already confirmed Barrett’s nomination, rejecting the Democrats recommendation that the confirmation process should be after the elections.

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.
The Democrats suggest that whoever is the next president should have the right to nominate the vacant seat held by former bigot court injustice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
How does this affect Black people?
Because it’s a systematic move that Republicans have been practicing for now nearly a decade.

In an August television interview, Minority leader of the senate Chuck Schumer exposed how McConnell has received donations from some of the top elite to favor his hand selected judges. Schumer neglected to mention that he & other white supremacist in the national legislators have taken the same types of bribes from potential federal nominees.
One arm of white supremacy has appeared to take over the “judicial system”.

This gives President Trump a major advantage in positioning the court to determine the outcome of a tight national election.

During McConnell reign 138 judges were elected to district court and 51 judges in circuit court. Keep in mind that these seats are for life. So, McConnell selected all the judges at the age range of 50 years old or younger.

President Tangerine gave McConnell the power to select between dozens of potential white supremacist judges to sit on the highest court in the nation he has not disappointed.

Women from all-over the United States showed up to protest this nearly illegal endeavor.

But the question remains, why are they protesting when a plurality of all registered women voters put Trump in office?

Trump received a total of 41 percent of the female vote in the 2016 election. He did receive a majority of the vote, 52 percent, among white women. This means that a plurality of females understood they were voting for the latest racist, fascist dictator to get into office.

So why do so many women identify with the men who target them and their children?

That’s a question only they can answer.

But reality is that the judges that institute white supremacist codified fiat, also known as US law, are backed by a majority of the countries female voters.

And if the past is any indicator of the future, the next president (from either party) will take these female’s mandate to pick a Klansmen to dominate local and national courts into serious consideration.

While Republicans court packing strategies may border on being outright illegal, it cannot be overstated that American citizens are well aware of the now worn tactics of the American right wing of white supremacy.
Black Americans owe it to themselves to gain enough seats in the senate to replicate the republicans successful court packing strategy.
We need the edge in judicial policy as well as potential rulings on issues that relate to our interest.

Are we ready to get serious about winning strategy for the courts?

-Anthony Dunham, B1Daily

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