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Heavy is The Head That Wears the Crown: A Lesson in Power

Since my childhood, I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling. I remember my parents used to let me watch the Monday night wars between WWE and WCW. The stories and character development always caught my attention. I know some people can’t understand why I like sports entertainment but for a longtime wrestling fan like me, it takes me back to my childhood.

Before we get started, I want to help people who don’t know the terminology between a babyface and a heel. In professional wrestling, a babyface is a heroic or a “good guy” wrestler and the heel is the villain or a “bad guy”. I’ll be using these types of words during this article.

A few weeks ago, I was channel surfing and saw Friday Night Smack Down was on. While watching the show, I saw the Roman Reigns segment. WWE has tried to establish Roman Reigns as a babyface, this did work for a while but didn’t have the type of immortal status like The Rock or Hulk Hogan. The writers had to think of something quick to give Roman that push, because Roman isn’t getting younger. Turning him into a heel was the last option and it paid off with flying colors.

Roman’s new storyline brings his Samoa traditions and family culture into spotlight. Samoans have been a big part of the wrestling industry since the late 60’s and WWE currently has an active roster of wrestlers related to Roman Reigns bloodline. The writers blended both factors to create a realistic tone that hits the audience on a personal level.

Roman wants to be “tribal chief” and he’ll do anything within his power to make it reality. He recruits Paul Hayman as his manager and spokesman voicing Romans intentions to the audience. Paul Heyman has an excellent resume being the manager and hype man of former wrestler Brock Lesnar. This combination of Roman and Paul brings a different energy WWE fans never experience before.

Within a month of Roman’s heel turn, he became WWE world heavyweight champion then Paul Heyman announces that Smack Down’s roster is on notice.

This brings Jey Uoso into the storyline, he’s the little cousin of Roman Reigns and one half of WWE tag team “the Usos”. Jey won an opportunity match against his cousin Roman for the WWE world heavyweight championship belt.

Jey was excited to face his cousin for the belt but Roman took the situation seriously. Roman explained to Jey the responsibility the title holds. He also explained to Jey how this title feed’s not only his family but Jey’s family as well and he’s not prepared to take the accountability that comes with being the “head of the table”. This led to a series of matches that Roman won against his little cousin Jey. Roman went to extreme measures to the point he’d choked out Jey’s twin brother for a victory in an “I quit” match.

Jey was upset that Roman used his own brother as a pun to retain the title. He said to Roman that he hates him for this cowardly act. Roman told Jey that he loves him and he did what’s needed to win the match. Roman also said the elders gave him title of “head tribal chief” and advised Jey to join him or he’s out of the family. Eventually, Jey joined Roman and the storyline is continuing this very moment.

I know some people don’t watch wrestling, but this particular storyline has an important lesson for all black men. The price of leadership is expensive and some black men can’t afford it. The statement is really harsh but give me a second and I’ll explain.

Black men, do we really know what it means when hearing the phrase “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”?

This implies that with great responsibility you have to deal with and developing a rulership mentality.

Being a leader is tough and every choice you make is always questioned. You constantly have to be prepared for enemies of all shapes and sizes to keep tranquility of the kingdom. The mental and emotional stress that comes with this could keep you up at night.

This responsibility and accountability is the reason why some black men don’t want the title.

Black men, are we ruling our own personal kingdom or we’re just the peasants allowing different forces to control our destiny?
Being original is dead, we’ve allowed our own damn music to program us to kill one another, we buy expensive trinkets that leave us financially poor and the inside of our home is being taken over by Feminutz’ spouting liberal white women’s ideology.

So once again, are you really ruling your kingdom?

So what do we do? Where do Brothas start in order to build back up the administrative capacity that was robbed from us?

Remember you have two fathers’ biological and spiritual

Your biological father is always important when it comes down to teaching his code of ethics but your spiritual father called life gives you the opportunity to develop your conscience.

Unfortunately, some men don’t have fathers that can help them but you’ll always have a spiritual father that uses life experience to shape and mold you. One thing that our spiritual father wants us to do, is to learn from those experiences and make decisions based on the outcome of those experiences.

Know the difference between true friends and associates

We all have been part of this certain situation; you have true friends that advise you because they really want you to be successful and you have people that use your kindness for weakness.

They’re the ultimate opportunists and this is unacceptable when it comes to ruling a kingdom. Keeping your true friends as part of your council is key, you should help them and want them to succeed. The associates need to be cut off, because they’re a waste of energy and not benefiting your environment.

Choose your spouse wisely

Whoever going to be your queen, please vet her before the marriage. You’ll need to test her true nature and always question if the moves she’s doing benefiting the family. I know this task is hard but you have to make sure your queen is on the same page.

Black man, you still have hope to regain your throne.

However, you need to start thinking like Roman Reigns and begin taking the steps to becoming the righteous king who takes control over his home and his community.

In order to become the man who sits at the head of the table, you need to move past the destructive ideas that you’ve learned and take action that improves the quality of your life.

This may lead to cutting off friends who don’t see your path of greatness or letting go of your lifestyle choices that don’t bear fruit.

Sometimes your attitude has to be stern and the decisions that may not benefit you in the short term, but these painful choices you’ll make will allow you to grow and prosper in the long term.

Working towards becoming a king is a long and tough process, but if you build the discipline and resolve and stick to it, you’ll learn how to establish the order that allows you to maintain your kingdom.

Anthony Dunham, B1Daily

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