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Anime Review: With A Dog And Cat, Every Day is Fun!

Despite COVID-19 shutting down the world and forcing life for many to slow down, there are some people in this world who are still busy working at home. Oftentimes they may not be able to enjoy multiple, 20-25 minute an episode anime series a season. Sure, you may have some who can squeeze in a few anime a week, but for most of these busy people finding time to consume anime can be a chore all in itself when it comes to balancing work life and otaku entertainment.

If you, dear reader are one of these busy people who may not be able to catch up and watch currently airing anime, may I suggest an anime that is only one minute long and simple to enjoy? Do you own pets or at the least love animals? Then I have the anime that is right for your busy life:
With a Dog and Cat, Every Day Is Fun.

Based on the manga of the same name by mangaka legend Hidekichi Matsumoto, With a Dog and Cat, Every Day is Fun follows the busy life of the mangaka herself, her friendly yet completely idiotic dog Inu-kun, and her ruthless cat Neko-sama.

Neko-sama sees himself as a god among animals and men alike. It’s in his name, obviously. Mere mortals must praise him and his name wherever or not they are amongst his presence. If he does not get what he desires from his worshipers, there will be no mercy. Neko-sama doesn’t demand authority and respect – he commands authority and respect.

…okay so Neko-sama sees himself as a god among Hidekichi and Inu-kun.

Inu-kun is like every dog you have encountered in your life. He’s reliable, dependable, and loveable. But, as mentioned earlier, he’s also incredibly stupid. He sees Hidekichi and other humans as kind gods…even when they’re mocking and belittling his moronic haircut (see: episode 1). He believes fetch is a game where the Hidekichi throws him across the room. Why? Because he’s too slow and simple to realize that he is the one who’s supposed to catch the ball and not be thrown as one. However, there’s a gentle side to Inu-kun that overrides his stupidity; making you remember why you love him in the first place.

…even if Inu-kun is the Radio or Forest Grump of dogs.

Directed and written by famed director Seiji Kishi of Angel Beats, Assassination Classroom, and Carnival Phantasm, Kishi brings the characters of this anime to life with expressive and fluid animation.

Working as art director, Ayumi Miyakoshi brings her expert-level artistic talents to provide viewers with colorful and lively backgrounds that shape the world of this anime.

Given that each episode is only a minute long, both Kishi and Miyakoshi are able to masterfully give us an artistic insight on the world of cats, dogs, and their overworked owners who love them.

At the time of the release of this article, the anime has seven episodes so far, with 17 episodes left in its run. With each episode only being a minute long, it is easy for you to catch up with it on your lunch break. Although I recommend you don’t watch this show on your phone and rather watch it on a large screen so you can fully appreciate Seiji Kishi and Ayumi Miyakoshi’s art styles (something a phone can’t do).

If all of that sounds interesting to you, then you can check out With a Dog and Cat, Every Day is Fun on Crunchyroll streaming service every Friday this Fall season.

[With a Cat and Dog Every Day is Fun Production Staff notes]
ORIGINAL CREATOR: Hidekichi Matsumoto (Sabage-bu!, Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei)
DIRECTOR: Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats, Assassination Classroom, Carnival Phantasm)
CHARACTER DESIGN: Kazuaki Morita (Assassination Classroom, Carnival Phantasm, Classroom of the Elite)
ART DIRECTOR: (Assassination Classroom, Galaxy Angel Rune, Kamisama Dolls)

Benjamin Snow is executive producer. host, & co-writer of the Swarthy Nerd podcast, B1Daily

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