White Supremacy Murders Mitrice Richardson

A white supremacist terrorist cell abducts a young woman, takes her belongings, and then claims they let her go in the middle of the night.

During the night of September 16, 2009, a 24-year-old young woman was detained at Geoffrey’s, a high end restaurant in northern Malibu, California, by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for “not having enough money to cover a tab”.

She then would be taken from Geoffrey’s restaurant’s parking lot to the Lost Hills Station, then allegedly was put in a holding cell for a few hours, processed by the sheriffs, and then released out of the station around midnight.

She would then disappear, seemingly out of thin air.

The woman in question was named Mitrice Richardson. Her body would be found nearly a year later in the bottom of a ravine.

Mitrice Richardson was a beautiful, young Black woman with her whole life ahead of her.

Mitrice Richardson, University California Fullerton

She had recently mended a broken relationship with her girlfriend, had found a way to make extra money working as a part time dancer at a popular LGBT nightclub, and had just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from California State University, Fullerton.

Though in the months leading up to the incident, Mitrice was still fighting for financial independence. At the time, she was living in her car and applying for housing while also trying to juggle a new job that required her attention nearly every evening.

She also was dealing with mild depression, as she had been previously clinically diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder.

Despite all of this, Mitrice was often described by family and friends as being the “light in the room”, always having an optimistic view on life.
So who caused this tragedy? Who harmed Mitrice?

Initial Arrest

On 9/16/2009 a white female waitress who has not been named, would call the cops on Mitrice for being unable to pay 89 dollar tab for her meal.
The female hostess asked if there was anyone who Mitrice could call who could pay for her meal.

Mitrice would then call her grandmother so that she would be able to use her card, however Geoffery’s bar owner, a white male who has also been left unnamed, refused to take Mitrice’s family member card.

Within 10 minutes 2 Sheriffs from the Malibu Lost Hills department stormed the vicinity grabbing Mitrice and screaming instructions at her.

The arresting officers would claim that Mitrice appeared to be intoxicated. However, after taking a sobriety test, Mitrice would be found to be sober.

Geoffrey’s Malibu resturant

So they had no reason to detain her due to intoxication.

Next the officers demanded that Mitrice take care of her bill, which isn’t actually necessary considering that Geoffry’s bar and grill allows for its customer to use tabs.

Finding no premise to arrest Mitrice on, the Sheriffs would then without probable cause search Mitrice’s car. They would find small traces of marijuana, a journal, and her clothes since she had been sleeping in her car in the prior months leading up to the attack.

This still left them with insufficient evidence to arrest Mitrice on.

After 30 minutes of the goons harassing Mitrice for nothing, 39 minutes after 2 white supremacist had falsely accused Mitrice, the arresting officers would make the decision to take Mitirice in on alleged charges of “defrauding an innkeeper”.

The assailants also chose to impound Mitrice’s car so that she would not be able to drive herself home after the arrest.

Mitrice Sent out to Wilderness

Mitrice would then be taken to the Lost Hills Sheriff station, subjected to a strip search, interrogated, and finally put in a brick holding cell no larger than 8 feet wide.

While she sat without food or water for hours in a small holding cell, Mitrice also made calls for help.

According to the station log book, Mitrice made 4 phone calls while in custody. She told the deputies they were to her great-grandmother, but the calls were not recorded due to “faulty recording equipment”.

Mitrice’s Mother, Latice Sutton, would call the station requesting information on her daughter’s arrest.
2 different sheriffs would speak with her, both assuring her that Mitrice would be processed and held till the following morning when Latice would be able to pick her up from the station.

In reality, Mitrice was allegedly released that night around 1:00 AM.

Santa Monica Mountains (above)

Documents from the station confirm that the sheriffs released her without a purse, car, phone or even a jacket.
They then allegedly directed Mitrice to walk home, pointing her towards the local highway inter-pass of the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains.

According to Google maps, it would take around 6 hours to walk the 16 miles through the mountains back to Malibu assuming there was some form of daylight out and you had proper scaling equipment.

So why did sheriffs lie to Mitrice’s Mother regarding her whereabouts when she was looking for her daughter? Why did Lost Hills Sheriffs send a young woman out into the wilderness with no phone or wallet?

Mitrice Abducted

After 12 hours of looking for Mitrice, Latice Sutton called the Lost Hills Sheriff’s department in a panic.

Latice requested an incident report or at the very least, the call logs from the incident. LHSD refused to hand over any information regarding incident.

Latice then requested the department put out a missing persons all-points bulletin (APB).
LHSD refused to initiate the APB, claiming they needed to wait “longer” prior to releasing the alert.

She also requested any resulting footage of the incident.
That’s when LHSD Captain, a now retired Tom Martin, lied to Latice and the national media for 6 entire months, stating that there was no surveillance footage of the incident or Mitrice leaving the gulag.
Martin also claimed that the internal as well external station cameras were not working at the facility the night Mitrice disappeared.

Commander Tom Martin

One of Tom Martin’s dozens of lies would come to light in March 2010 when due to a pending lawsuit to obtain evidence filed by Mitrice’s parents, the Lost Hills Sheriff’s department suddenly found the footage of Mitrice’s arrest.
The footage appears to show Mitrice in a cell frantically pulling on the bars and screaming for help. The footage also shows deputy Ishmael Rodriguez leave out near a side/back door, moments after Mitrice was “escorted out“.
The footage appeared to be clipped together as if it was edited prior to release.

Latice had been stonewalled by the very same people she trusted her daughter’s life with, and two days had already passed. That’s when the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department took over due to Mitrice’s previous residential address falling within their jurisdiction.

Mitrice was seen several times following her initial disappearance.

In Febuary 2010, Mitrice’s Father, Michale Richardson claimed that he saw his daughter near downtown Las Vegas working the strip in an area known for sex work.
Michale wasn’t able to call out to Mitrice, however he did tell the local police who refused to take his sighting seriously.

Michael Richardson (left) & Mitrice Richardson (right)

Then in July 2010 a highschool friend of Mitrice also claimed to have seen Mitirice near a casino in Vegas, Nevada.
After the second documented sighting of Mitrice, Nevada local authorities finally began to do their jobs and opened an investigation.

Mitrice is “Found”

On August 9, 2010, a group of park rangers investigating a previous location of interest in an ongoing sting operation found a human skull, a woman’s naked mummified remains, and her clothes 600 feet away from the body’s location.

The body would be identified as the missing Mitrice Richardson.

Her remains were discovered less than 10 miles away from the Lost Hills Sheriff Department.

The park rangers stated that Mitrice’s clothes were neatly taken off, as if she was assaulted prior to her death. Her body also had no animal bite marks, excluding the possibility that she was attacked by animals.

Additionally, Mitrice’s hyoid bone, which would likely have been broken if she had been strangled, was missing. Her right femur bone was also missing.

Pacific Coast Highway where Mitrice was allegedly released

The rangers called in their finding at 1:30pm, causing Los Angeles deputies to show up around 3pm. The group waited for a coroner to arrive before the helicopter that was going to take them down into the ravine was allowed to lift off.

At 5pm, a 7-person team from the LA coroner’s office arrived, with the expectation that they would be required to follow the standard protocol for when a body is found: photographing the remains, inspecting the site for clues, and establishing a crime scene.

However while the LASD detectives were airlifted to the location of the remains, the Sheriffs refused to let the coroner’s team examine the body.
At 8pm against the county coroner’s direction, LA deputies decided to confiscate Mitrice’s remains. The deputies then haphazardly gathered up the remains they could find and flew back to the station.

The LA coroner’s office was appalled. Their team was not allowed to examine her remains, take pictures of the crime scene, or even grab surrounding leaves that were covered in blood.

Mitrice’s clothes were never sent to crime lab for testing & her bodily remains were not examined for trauma or sexual assault.

On top of the slew of illegal procedures, the LA Deputies would still take another 5 days to identify the remains to be Mitrice and would determine “No foul play“.

Evidence Points Towards LA Sheriff’s department

The Lost Hills and Los Angeles Sheriff departments acted like thugs.

They willingly harassed a young Sista just because their white supremacist cohorts falsely accused her of a imaginary crime, specifically an offense that the deputies were not even required to detain her for.
They then impounded her car so she would have no way to escape their clutches, illegally searched her without probable cause, bound her with metal cufflinks, and then threw her in a dungeon with no food or water.

These actions alone are disgusting enough, but for deputy Tom Martin to lie to the girl’s Mother when she called to help is so reprehensible that we here at ‘The Daily’ lack the words to describe the actions of this sick fiend.

To add insult to injury, Tom Martin has also been accused of rape.

The victim of Martin’s sexual assault stated that Martin allegedly would “routinely drive an unmarked vehicle and follow the victim”, in fact she claimed he did so two nights in a row, as she left a group therapy session near central LA.

The first night the victim and her companion were pulled over by Martin. The victim claimed Martin began yelling slurs at the two women, and cited them both for “littering”, a charge that would later be proved to be unsubstantiated. They would be released later that night.

The second night, Martin allegedly followed the victim leaving the group therapy session, and pulled her over again, on Kanan Rd., right after midnight, a similar time to when Mitrice disappeared outside the precinct.
Martin then asked the victim to get out of the vehicle, walked around the car, and pushed her into the back seat where he allegedly raped her.

The victim claimed that Martin warned her that if she told anyone about the attack that nobody would believe her because she was “a drug addict.”

This is the caliber of men that abducted Mitrice that cold night in north Malibu.

On top of lying to Latice Sutton, Tom Martin hid footage of the incident for 6 months, and barely dodged his own rape case that was being dealt with at the same time.

This gave Chief Lee Baca, a white supremacist himself, a good enough reason to promote this sorry excuse for a human being to commander at LASD headquarters which put him in charge of the detectives division who oversaw the Special Victims Unit, which handles sexual assault cases like Mitrice Richardson’s.

Chief Lee Baca (center)

Sheriff Baca was the L.A. County Sheriff from 1998 – 2014 and is most famous for refusing to assist in the Justice department’s inquiry into white supremacist’s infiltration in to state law enforcement apparatuses, specifically his Sherriff department.

Most importantly, Lee Baca has extensive ties to the white supremacist gang, the Lynwood Vikings.

The “Lynwood Station Vikings” are just one of a series of racist gangs that have emerged inside the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department over the years. Fully-blooded Vikings (meaning older or top department officers) had “998” tattood on their ankles, referring proudly to the code for “officer-involved shooting.” Membership in this gang-within-a-gang was by invitation only. But all the cops knew about it.
The walls of Lynwood Station are openly decorated with racist cartoons of Black men as well as a map of the police district drawn in the shape of Africa. Efforts to discipline the Vikings were heavily discouraged by top LASD brass, even in the face of bad publicity and numerous costly lawsuits.

So a department that has admitted to housing a white supremacist terrorist cell abducts a young woman, takes her belongings, and then claims they let her go in the middle of the night.

Mitrice’s murderers appear to have been found, and all of the evidence points directly towards the Lost Hills Sherriff’s Department being responsible for the murder of Mitrice Richardson.

Let’s not forget deputy Ishmael Rodriguez, who on the departtment footage followed Mitrice out of the facility that night.

Deputy Ishmael Rodriguez

According to the Lost Hills Sheriff department procedures, when detainees are released from the LHSD, they are supposed to walk out the front door, where the visitor parking is located.
Since the door leading to the main exit is locked at nigt, Mitrice would have to have been let out. Which Ishmael Rodriguez appears to do.

Grainy footage shows where Mitrice exited a small pathway leading to the staff parking lot, which had an electronically controlled gate. Then suddenly, the footage cuts short.

Is it possible Deputy Rodriguez, and possibly other deputies offered Mitrice a ride to pick up her car that they had just impounded or a ride home, but instead abducted her?

This appears to be the modus operandi of the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station —to release certain detainees in the dead of night, then capture them and victimize them.

Michael Richardson said that he saw his daughter out on the Vegas strip. Could Mitrice have been kidnapped and forced into a prostitution ring?

Was Mitrice attacked because she was a Black woman? Or was she targeted for the simple fact that she was a young Black woman by herself in the middle of the night?

We know that white supremacist gangs are usually involved in organized crime, but what we don’t know is where exactly they’re taking these young women and their purpose for taking them in the first place.

Could terrorist cells like the Lynwood Vikings be involved in the human trafficking trade?
How many members of the department share ties with white supremacist gangs?

Black men have a responsibility to know who or what apparatuses pose a threat in their area of stay. We can’t simply depend on calling white law enforcement agencies for help, when those same agencies are actively targeting our families.

Imagine if Mitrice had been able to call a Black law enforcement agency, staffed by Brothas that were on code and dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of young Sistas in need of help.
Imagine if she had been greeted by Black men who only wanted her to get home safely that night, instead of the thugs with badges who clearly had malicious intent.

Brothas owe it to themselves to form their own dedicated law enforcement apparatuses in their communities.

We have to create structures that has the versatilely to monitor assailants who use state sanctioned violence to attack us, we have to be alternatives to the entrenched white supremist law enforcement agencies who monopolize the local contracts to patrol our neighborhoods, we have to be wiling to create opposing firms or agencies that bid on those contracts, and we have to devote ourselves to locating the whereabouts of the thousands of missing Black girls that white supremacy has ensnared.

But most importantly– Black men must be hellbent on neutralizing any prevailing threats to our families, regardless of the cost.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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