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Mike Duggan wants to Force Vaccinations on Black People

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced Sunday that the city plans to vaccinate around 5,000 people a day in response to the recent upsurge in Wuhan virus cases.

With nearly 80% of Detroit’s inhabitants being Black, It’s no mild assumption that Mayor Duggan is planning on vaccinating more Blacks than anyone else.

“To get the vaccinations out we’re going to have to vaccinate 5,000 a day just in Detroit,” Duggan said. “We haven’t begun as a country to address what it’s going to take to actually inject people with the vaccine.” Duggan stated in his Sunday address.

Duggan has not explained how he will achieve his ‘5k a day’ quota, however he did leave the door open to interpretation.

Many state’s constituents have been responding to the possible threat that they might be forced to take a vaccination.

In Florida, a three decade old law makes forced vaccinations a reality.

Representative Anthony Sabatini is working to repeal the ordinance. In a recent article from Newsweek Rep Sabatini stated “Right now in Florida, under the public health emergency statute chapter 381, they can literally take you, test you, quarantine you, but also force you to take a vaccine. They can restrain you and force you to do that. The powers have not been used yet, but they’ve been on the books for over 25 years and it’s important that Floridians know that this power can’t be exercised by the government, because it’s just too much an invasion of their personal liberties.”

Black Americans have a long history of being forced into vaccinations and other dangerous health procedures at the behest of a white government that usually has their worst interest in mind.
With DC’s city council recently passing a bill that would allow children as young as age 11 to be forced into vaccinations without their parents’ consent, Black Americans stand to be the first targeted for forced vaccinations.

And with the latest African & Indian polio outbreak that has been linked to the new polio vaccinations, Black Americans have plenty of reason to be weary of harsh side effects from the medicine.

Will Black Americans in a similar manner to their African brethren, allow their children to be forcibly injected with dangerous chemicals?
Odds say yes.

A vast majority of Black Americans voted for Presidential elect Joe Biden who has stated that he wants “every American” to be vaccinated, and has made it clear that it’s “irresponsible to spread the virus”.

Most states’ health department statistics verify that Black children are more likely to be vaccinated before the age of 5 than their counterparts, meaning that Black mothers are taking their children to white hospitals and allowing them to inject them with mercury or other highly acidic chemicals.
As a result, Black Americans children have disproportionately suffered from autism, which has been linked to side effects from mercury laced vaccinations.

Although white Americans have made it clear that their young are their top priority, the children of Black Americans are still marching with their (more than statistically likely) single mother into hospitals that have a history of poisoning them.

May god help the young and defenseless.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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