Black-it Ralph signs Do-Nothing law

Black-Face Ralph Northam has returned, this time with a cv-19 face mask instead of one dipped in tar.

The Chitlin Circuit Governor signed Breonna’s law, a new measure that will ban police from using no-knock search warrants in the commonwealth–which many authorities during the Breonna Taylor murder investigation claimed was already law, in return for 7 months of refusing to arrest or prosecute the terrorist who sneak attacked Kenneth Walker & Breonna Taylor for capital murder.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam

While most states have initiatives requiring court approved warrants prior to raids, Ralph Northam most likely figured it’d be a good idea to at least give Black people a kabuki by passing some form of ban since he’s made it clear that he’s not going to pursue criminal charges against murderers (in Brett Hankinson’s case attempted rapist & murderer).

Passing bans on things already considered illegal is this years new trend for politicians looking to subvert the Black polity’s demands.

Repeated bans on chokeholds had been passed in Minnesota prior to the Dereck Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd, shooting unarmed children in the back was illegal in Chicago prior Jason Van Dyke’s murder of Laquan McDonald, and raping women was illegal in Oklahoma City prior to Daniel Holtzclaw’s terror spree.

With intellectual Black society beginning to keep track of those who would dare harm the Family, its no surprise that governors from across the nation are attempting to pass their own mandates meant to maintain the status quo, while at the same time attempting appear (at least on paper) to be making drastic changes to a white fiat based legal system.

With Governor Minstrel’s reelection coming up next year, its apparent he doesn’t want to occur the wrath of the Black community. But more importantly, has there been a serious effort made by the Black polity to put up a Black grassroots candidate to challenge failed Governor Northam?

The Family knows what the answer must be.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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