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CNN cuts Rep. Jamaal Bowman for Roasting Rahm Emanuel

Legacy media stalwart, Cable News Network incorporated or CNN is under fire for cutting a interview short with congressmen-elect Jamaal Bowman.

Bowman who recently won a national representative seat for the 16th district of New York State, was asked a question regarding President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming cabinet.

Bowman made no quarrel that he was not only disappointed with Biden’s picks so far, but he was appalled that the President-elect would dare to pick Rahm Emanuel.

Bowman began listing off many (definitely not all) of Emanuel’s dirty dealings during his time as Mayor of Chicago; From covering up the murder of a 16 year old Black child, to refusing to step down after millions had signed a petition demanding his resignation, and his previous razing of the city’s public infrastructure.

Before Bowman could continue on his exposé, CNN cut his mic’s feed, continuing a decades long CNN tradition of smiting any Black grievance with glee.

Should Black Americans boycott CNN for ignoring Rahm Emanuel’s anti-Black racism & once again sidelining Black Issues?

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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