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Persona Non Grata : An Obama Story

Barack Obama is back and he wants Black people to know that their demands aren’t comforting the white masses.

The previous president has finally made a tv appearance after nearly a decade of private speeches, Hollywood producing, NBA managing, and dodging the Black community.

Earlier this month, Obama sat down with the Breakfast Club, a decade old radio broadcast syndicated by IHeartMedia incorporated & head by CEO Bob Pittman (yes the very same, ‘denying Black artist airtime on MTV’ Bob Pittman).

Obama discussed numerous issues, ranging from Biden’s projected election win, his thoughts on the 2020 holy uprisings, and his ideas on defunding the police.

The ex-president stressed that he “didn’t like all of the slogans” a salient reference to the now innumerable instances of the emerging Black media forcing its agenda into the public discourse.

The Black media also known as new era Black media is Black socio-economic based media content started by independent creators after the litany of bankruptcies from white funded Black media ventures (Ebony, Jet, soon to be the Root & Slate).

(order from left to right) Barack Obama, Lenard McKelvey, Angela Yee, & Raashaun Casey

Although the Black media has elevated the Black community’s discourse in the last decade, the Black media this year in particular began to throw its weight around so much that its appeared on the international media’s radar, demonstrating the might & consistency able to change the US’s national lexicon in order to better address Black American’s needs.

Never was there a more apparent example of this than the now epically viral saying “Defund the police”, a call to remove taxpayer funding from white paramilitary agencies who kill & brutalize the same people who are paying their salaries.

Obama went on to disavow the same grassroots voters who put him in office by condescendingly insinuating that he could speak like James Baldwin, but it wouldn’t win him any votes in Iowa.
We can only assume that Mr. Obama meant white Iowa voters since the Black population in Iowa is under 3%.

Obama clearly was stating that Black grievances (specifically ones that involve our family being slaughtered at the hands of a 21st century Gestapo) needed to be more moderated in order to keep the rest of (white) America comfortable.

Many believe that the Black Media (indivisible the Black grassroots) are too hard on the ex-president. So we here at the Daily wanted to remind the Legacy media and its groupies of exactly why the Black community has a vendetta against him.

  1. Barack Obama is against paying reparations to Foundational Black Americans (FBA)/Black Descendants of American Slavery (BDOAS) for the crime known as the American holocaust.
    Obama is on record as saying “As a practical matter, it is hard to think of any society in human history in which a majority population has said that as a consequence of historic wrongs, we are now going to take a big chunk of the nation’s resources over a long period of time to make that right. He obviously missed out on now billions of dollars given to Jewish descendants of the WW2 German interment camp survivors, or the billions & land given to 5 dollar Indians in the United States of America.
    It must also be noted that Mitch McConnel quoted Obama when he gave his own denial of responsibility for reparations, stating “You know, once again I find myself in the same position as President Obama, we both oppose reparations, and both are the descendants of slave holders“.

2. The Obama administration’s justice department presided over the murders of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Mitrice Richardson, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Philando Castille and refused to prosecute any of their murderers.

This is by far, the most egregious of his failings.

3. Obama invited Sgt. James Crowley, a vaunted white supremacist to the white house after the thug roughed up coon #64, Henry Louis Gate.

Sgt. James Crowley had been responding to a emergency false accusation reporting (made by an unnamed karen) claiming that Dr. Gates was “breaking into a house”, apparently with his own keys. After roughing up the then 60 year old Gates for attempting to enter his own home, James Crowley then arrested Mr. Gates on one count of “disorderly conduct“.

Obama initially called the situation “stupid”, refusing to add racial overtones to the incident.

He was then subsequently excoriated by white Americans across the political isle for daring to insult (no matter how feigned) a white gangst–officer.
As a result, Obama wanted to set up a meeting where all of the participants of the near-lynching could come to the “White House, have a beer, and talk it out.” Thus solidifying not only his physical, but moral cowardice when forced to confront the real time personification of white supremacy.

This wouldn’t be the last time Obama got humiliated by a stronger white male on the international stage (See Netanyahu’s 2015 snubbing of a personal meeting with Obama and going directly to the US’s congress to negotiate new terms of financing)

4. Obama was constantly trying to ingratiate himself with white supremacist in law enforcement who made it abundantly clear that they hate him and those who look like him.

The cumulative result of this bizarre fetish of Mr. Obama’s was his routine apologizing to law enforcement for “making them feel targeted” (he even wrote an open letter, look it up) & his passing of the Blue Alert law also known as the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015, which was named after 2 NYPD cops killed in 2014.

This travesty of legislation mandates the Justice Department to create a notification system relating to assaults on police officers, officers who are missing in the line of duty, and credible treats against law enforcement. The system is said to be modeled after Amber Alerts.

Think about how outrageous that is.

The local thugs in blue already have what is known as “qualified immunity” meaning the state gives them carte blanche authority to murder anyone for any reason and threatens anyone who would dare retaliate with life imprisonment.

Obama took their immunity from law a step further by making sure that if you defend yourself from a race solider, you not only get a life prison term, but you also get added to a ‘list’. And to top it off, this law was passed in under 30 days by an evenly split congress.
So there is bipartisanship in Washington when it comes to the wholesale slaughter of Black people. Good to remember.

Essentially, Obama paved the way for the FBI to (openly) track Black people who stand up to white law enforcement apparatuses.

Black Americans wouldn’t realize what Obama had done until Jeff Sessions (Klansman Supreme) announced that the Feds, to no one’s surprise, began to classify those people on that ‘cop harming list’ as potential subversives to the US or at least the enforcement arm of white supremacy.

The FBI would label these Americans as Black Identity Extremist or BIE’s.

The Daily staff wants to reiterate; Obama made it legal for the Feds and their boogaloo police agency cohorts to track people just for protesting the thugs with badges.

Oh yeah, in case anyone forgot, the FBI went on to admit in 2019 that in their assessment that Black Americans were considered a bigger threat to America (white supremacy) than Al- Qaeda.

No wonder the intelligence community loved this clown.

Robert Mueller (left), James Comey (middle), Barack Obama (left)

5. Obama called Black protestors in Baltimore “thugs”, racist code speak for Black criminals.

Obama who staunchly refused to have his justice department intervene in the Freddie Gray murder investigation, then had the gall (not when he was punked by Sgt. James Crowley at the White house, not when Rep. Joe Wilson called him a liar on national television, and not when Ran Baratz called him an “Islamic bomb thrower”) to malign and attack Black teenagers who were out in the street fighting for their rights, rights that his administration refused to protect.

6. More Black homes were foreclosed under Obama’s administration than any other presidency to date.

According to data from the Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP) after the 2008 recession the percentage of black homeowners with negative equity jumped twenty-fold, from 0.7 percent to 14.2 percent . Unlike the white community who managed to recover over 80% of its lost equity by 2012, studies show that Black America never rebounded from the major losses in assets.

Obama refused to provide a national plan to address Black foreclosures and refused to prosecute Banks like One West who preyed on Black homeowners during the worst financial crisis of the century.

It must be noted that Barack Obama & Eric Holder refused to prosecute the current Treasure secretary Steve Mnuchin, who at the time ran One West bank.

7. Barack routinely chose illegal immigrants as his political priority.

He took several actions in favor of illegal immigration but the most insidious measure was his executive actions pertaining to the “deferred action” program for illegals also known as DACA.

Obama made it legal for roughly 50% of immigrants who were already in the United States illegally, to stay under the guise of protection from executive provisions.

The same man who “doubted his ability” to get reparations started for Foundational Black Americans took acute actions through executive means, defying local and national courts as well as a divided national congress, to instead help people who weren’t even US citizens.

8. Perhaps the most trivial offense that Barack Obama committed was making a habit out of talking about sports, music or white pop culture.

Obama spent most of his time on pubic television either soothing white Americans or mentioning something from sports.
Its readily known that Obama would annually complete a NCAA tournament prediction bracket prior to the college basketball festivity that coincidentally falls near Black history month.

Imagine that, Obama couldn’t be bothered to speak on George Zimmerman’s prosecution once, but mentioned a damn basketball tournament literally dozens of times during his precedency.

Trayvon Martin

This obsession over sports not only made Obama look infantile, but also furthered the age-old assumption that “Black men would rather chat about women, sports entertainment, or women again” rather than talk about serious subjects like why their families can be harmed with impunity.

9. Obama’s now historically false quote “There’s not a Black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America!”.

This sorry excuse for a Black male (not a man) made this statement in 2004, the same year Richard S. Neri murdered Jr. Timothy Stansbury and claimed it was an accident (court term for white fiat), and yes, the year after Scott McCollister pulled Kendra James over for an unknown traffic violation before he murdered her.

Keep in mind that the Portland brothel– we mean uh.. police department to this day refuses to explain what the traffic violation in question actually was and why they needed to stop a young Black woman in the middle of the night.

We can only guess, cough..cough Mitrice, Sandra, Charleena, Breonna. (see Daniel Holtzclaw for hints)

After a decade of insulting mostly Black people, demonstrating the greatest displays of cowardice for the world to see, and neglecting the people who’s ancestors physically built the White House, Obama has now once again returned to give us the holy word.

He’s come to tell the noble Black grassroots that “you need to preserve my legacy” & to let us know that he doesn’t like “snappy slogans like ‘defund the police’.

No Mr. Obama, we don’t like the slogan defund the police, it doesn’t go far enough.

Because when you have evil men like yourself and Jim Crow Joe Biden who pass legislation to protect rapist and killers, then go on record vowing to increase those same criminal’s funding if the citizens snatch away their paychecks, its becomes easy for anyone to see that defunding these goons is the most peaceful option left on the table.

We don’t like people who claim our ancestors hellish experiences for their own even though they don’t come from the same lineage (see Kamala Harris).

And we damn sure don’t like bootlicks who would openly sell out the only people who ever really gave anything for this damnable ethno-state masquerading as a nation, for a simple pat on the head from white supremacy.

Barack Obama is a social pariah and persona non-grata in the Black community. With all of the Black blood on his hands, the clement hatred of the Black grassroots is the most he could ever hope for.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily


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