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Nate Parker Embraces the Grassroots

While this country has always tried to tear Black men down, we’ve always managed to triumph over our opponents, no matter how long it took.

Nate Parker is a testament to that ethos.

A survivor of a karen’s false accusation, Mr. Parker has now went on to star and direct award winning films like The Birth of a Nation & his new international hit American Skin, which received a 10 minute standing ovation at the international Venice Film Festival.

Nate Parker at Sundance Film festival

News has now emerged that Parker is collaborating with David Oyelowo on 2 new projects. The first, Solitary, a drama piece that narrative Black citizens targeted by the illegal prison industrial complex. The second, Sweet Thunder, is a biopic about boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson and his climb to glory.

With all of his past successes, many question why most of the coverage around Mr. Parker centers on a clearly malicious false accusation.

While Nate Parker has clearly defined himself as a trend setter in the international entertainment industry, Legacy Media and its psychopathic followers keep attempting to link him to a completely made up allegation, at times even going as far as to call the lies a “scandal“.

Well Mr. Parker doesn’t seem to notice.

His new film, American Skin, was just purchased by Vertical Entertainment, a multimedia company (Billionaire Boys Club, Skylines, Polaroid) who will be releasing the piece on January 15th 2021.
But Parker is also making splashes in social media. He’s been reported to actually retweet post from Black media content creators.

Taurean Reign, a longtime independent news content creator in the Black media sphere recently reported this week that Mr. Parker retweeted a post of his. If that wasn’t enough, the next day Mr. Parker actually followed him and responded to a personal message of gratitude that Taurean had initially sent.

While Mr. Parker has always made himself available to the Black grassroots, often using his media platforms to amplify Black Americans’ grievances on the national stage, its now more apparent that he’s seen the work of the Family and he wants us to share in his international success.

Well Mr. Parker, the Family wants you to know that we recognize your continual efforts, and we’ve got your back.

Have the streets finally found their next John Singleton?

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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