France on Fire

For the 9th night straight, French protestors have violently clashed with Thugs with Badges across Paris.

Protesters gather on the capital as stormtroopers overlook

After videos emerged of Michel Zecler, a French music producer, being severely beaten by 4 white thugs calling themselves policemen, the city has burned for nearly 2 weeks.

And at the same time of this incident, France’s national parliament attempted to sneakily draft a bill into law that would outlaw taking photos of police with malevolent intent.
Article 24 of the proposed legislation would make it a criminal offence to publish images of on-duty police officers with the intent to harm their “physical or psychological integrity” (while they’re attacking your loved ones).
It also states that offenders could face up to a year in prison if convicted.

Michel Zecler, who had to receive stitches and sling for partial fracture

As a result of the bloodshed and open anti-Black totalitarianism that Macron’s regime represents, the nation has been in covered in protest, manifesting itself most significantly in Paris.

Just this last weekend, nearly 100 rallies were held nationwide on Saturday alone.

In a similar manner to the now nearly a year old (unconvicted) Dereck Chauvin charges, the four French Thugs with Badges have been formally charged, but are not in custody and still have had no indictments made against them.

Macron (left)

French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron, claimed that the footage of the vicious attack was “shameful“.

Macron has yet to pass any meaningful legislation in regards to Black human right protections or payments for reparations to Black descendants of French Slavery & colonialism.

During Saturday’s protest, thousands of people, including members of the anti-authoritarian Yellow Vest movement, had been marching peacefully in the capital when police began to violently move in on the demonstrators. Once they circled the outer parameter of the large gathering, police then began using tear gas, water hoses, and rubber bullets in an attempt to harm civilians.

More videos have also emerged showing arbitrary arrest of demonstrators as well as non-participating citizens being attacked by state security forces.

Michel Zecler has been silent on rather he intends to sue the agency that brutalized him.

B1 Daily will be providing you breaking news surrounding the French Security Protest

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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  1. never knew france was a place like that. I hate france (it’s government) because of how islamophobic they are but i definitely hope that someday innocent civilians are not harmed this way

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