WS Creates a ‘Critical Population’

Federal agencies have been using tax payer dollars to fund data analytics startups that provide useful metadata on citizens

The Legacy media has labeled the Black community a critical population in terms of Wuhan virus infections statistics.

However, many wonder where the refrenced data actually comes from.

The answer in this case is one company.


Palantir is a bio-tech firm that specializes in data collections and analytics.

The firm was started by Peter Thiel, and was initially funded through In-Q-Tel formerly known as Peleus, which is one of the many venture capital firms created by the Central Intelligence Agency.

At present, Palantir is a contractor to 17 U.S. federal agencies and the U.S. military.

In late 2019, Palantir was given the contract to come up with the vaccine allocation strategy and determine the critical populations each vaccine should be distributed to.

The firm even managed to gain enough influence over the Department of Human Health Services (HHS) that now the federal government will force hospitals to hand over significant metadata to Palantir or the states could risk being cut off from Medicare funding.

Peter Theil at the 2017 International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The company is also known for its highly controversial work on predictive policing.

Predictive policing means security agencies actively use systems that utilize large swaths of data to detect, monitor, and predict behavior, based on myriads of connections between what is known about people and organizations. The data is then used to create a prediction of that person’s or organization’s future actions.

Peter Thiel (right) embraces Donald Trump (left) in 2019 White House meeting

Palantir is just one of an increasing number of data collection and analytics firms being used by Thugs in Blue to attack Black citizens.

In 2018, the grassroots organization Stop LAPD Spying Coalition released a report verifying that technologies created by Palantir were being used by the LAPD to monitor or target predominantly Black people.

In simple terms, federal agencies have been using tax payer dollars to fund data analytics startups that provide useful metadata on citizens. The Legacy media is then used to validate these mega sized tech initiatives’ contrived data, without mentioning the obvious anti-Black bias associated with the firms themselves.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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