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Race Soldier Attacks Brotha in Columbus

Enter Adam Coy, a bloodthirsty race soldier with a badge waiting for his next soft target.

Tuesday evening, Andre Hill was over at his friend’s garage working on his car, when a unidentified white assailant made a false accusation and called the local Thugs–we mean Columbus police department to check up on a “Black man turning on a car.”

Andre Hill, 2007

Hearing this clearly malicious intentioned called, the dispatcher decided to send a officer to respond regardless of the lack of any crime being committed.

Enter Adam Coy, a bloodthirsty race soldier with a badge waiting for his next soft target.
Coy is a 19 year veteran with the Columbus police department, which tells us that responding to false accusations of Black males with extreme violence is a common practice in his precinct.

Adam Coy

We’d be remiss to not mention that Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankinson, and Miles Cosgrove, the thugs who murdered Breonna Taylor while she slept naked in her home, also made a practice of turning off (or not even wearing) their body cameras.

Coy sped to Hill’s address in his Ford explorer and made sure to turn his body camera off.
Coy then quickly hopped out of his car, began screaming frantically, aimed his 9 millimeter hand gun at Mr. Hill, and murdered him.

Dashcam recordings confirm Coy murdered Hill within 5 seconds of exiting his car.

The murder occurred at 1000 Oberlin Drive and is the second murder of a Black man in two weeks; Columbus Thugs in Blue murdered 23-year-old Black man Casey Goodson as he entered his grandmother’s home.

Keep in mind this murder occurred due to a white assailant (like a Amy Cooper) who made a false allegation regarding a innocent Black man, and that assailant has yet to be charged with making a false report.

Columbus police Chief Thomas Quinlan has acted like a gang leader, protecting the murderer, and refusing to call for the charging of the killer, let alone the imprisonment of the murderous Adam Coy.

However, Quinlan did jokingly express ‘sadness’ that Hill wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas with his family, just to rub the blood of another innocent Brotha in the face of the Black community.

Chief Thomas Quinlan

According to the bargaining agreements between Columbus and the Ohio Fraternal Order of Thugs which worked to establish a department to patrol Columbus’s jurisdiction, the Columbus Thugs receive a whopping 380 million dollars in funding per year. And somehow the 1,870 (not including the 416 ‘civilian’ patrolmen) thugs on the department’s payroll still can’t use the equipment their local taxpayers are paying for.

Columbus’s departments are organized into twenty separate precincts that surround the area, and has a total of six subdivisions. The subdivisions include Patrol Operations, Public Accountability, Criminal Investigations, Support Services, Community Services and Special Operations, each acting with their own chief.

As of 2020, the divisions claim they have 460 marked patrol vehicles, 410 unmarked vehicles, 31 motorcycles, 154 bicycles, five boats, ten horses, ten police dogs, and five helicopters.

Mayor Andrew Ginther

Meanwhile, Mayor Andrew Ginther said he was “disturbed” by the fact that the cameras were not recording the incident, he did not mention the murder in question.

Ginther has also refused to call for Coy to be charged with 1st degree murder.

‘Sinister’ Ginther is up for reelection 2023, received 77,096 votes in his 2019 win, and spent 1.25 million to get his seat. A majority of that capital came from the white business sector in the surrounding area.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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