Tyler Perry Donates Big to Kenneth Walker’s Legal Fund

In yet another example of Black businessmen running the table, Hollywood TV producer Tyler Perry has donated 100,000 dollars to Kenneth Walker’s legal fund.

Kenneth walker, a man that was previously in the center of a national debate on police murder has been fundraising via gofundme for his legal defense in the upcoming lawsuit waged by Jonathan Mattingly, one of the murderers of Breonna Taylor.

Sadly, Mr. Walker seemed to be abandoned by the Black community, or at least forgotten.
After 90 days of advertising on his social media that he was once again being attacked by the injustice system, Mr. Walker managed to only raise 600 dollars.

Kenneth and Breonna in peaceful times

“It’s outrageous for one of the men partially responsible for all that, to sue the man who endured it,” said the GoFundMe page. “The raid that killed Breonna Taylor was poorly conceived, nightmarishly executed, and hastily covered-up. The subsequent grand jury proceedings were farcical and staged. Daniel Cameron’s statements were disingenuous, at best. Jon Mattingly’s lawsuit is the nearly-unbelievable next step in this ongoing mockery of justice.”

Luckily, Tyler Perry heard the call of the grassroots.

TPStudios donated 100,000 dollars to Mr. Walker’s defense fund, meaning that Kenneth can now get a proper legal team to aid him in going on the offensive against the killer of his now deceased fiancé.

Mr. Walker should also be able to afford private security now, since he’s clearly been maliciously targeted by the Louisville death squads.

Kenneth Walker

Mr. Walker has been fighting for justice since the night the city of Louisville sent 3 thugs to murder him, and Mr. Perry has just helped him get one step closer.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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