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Under Siege: White Supremacist Invade DC

Thousands of armed white assailants invaded the DC capitol buildings on Wednesday following a Donald Trump rally held down the street.

The 500 year old monster known as white entitlement bore its ugly head once again, as thousands of armed white assailants invaded the DC capitol buildings on Wednesday following a Donald Trump rally held down the street.

Armed Attackers Storm Capitol Steps

At a rally held the night before the attack, attendees of Make America Great Again rallies heard former national security adviser Michael Flynn tell them Americans were prepared to “bleed” for freedom. At Wednesday’s rally, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani advocated for “trial by combat” to settle the election.

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani (top) addressing mob & theatrical counterpart Gangs of New York leader Bill the Butcher (bottom)

A white supremacist mob numbering around 5,000 people appeared in Washington, DC from the capitol buildings. The mob congregated on Pennsylvania ave, a street that is normally closed off, carrying Blue Lives Matter and “Don’t tread on me” flags.

In what can only be described as an insurrection, the mob then began to attack a small line of Capitol Hill police that numbered no more than 50 people.

Attackers breaching Capitol building

The terrorist used spears, tasers, home-made explosive devices, nooses, tear gas, and cars as weapons during the attack. Additionally, a vast majority of the attackers were armed to the teeth with military style rifles, bulletproof vests, and zip ties, clearly preparing to take hostages.

Attackers run Capitol police up stairs of Senate Chamber

The invaders were chanting “Take our country back” and “USA” hysterically as they began assaulting capitol hill police.
Now viral videos show attackers brutally beating capitol hill police and using spears to stab law enforcement personnel.

“This is a coup attempt” tweeted Rep. Adam Kinzinger, during the siege.

Attackers threw a fire extinguisher at officers killing Bryan Sicknick, a 12 year veteran of the Capitol Hill Police department. However it must be noted that Sicknick was a Trump supporter himself, as his friend Caroline Behringer announced shortly after his death.

Officers Bryan Sicknick

Further more, in a 2003 blog post Sicknick expressed that he believed in overthrowing the government, stating “I believe we should have regime change right here in America.”
Officer Howard Liebengood also was reported to have committed ‘suicide’ following the incident.

Confederate Terrorist march through Capitol building

After injuring dozens of officers, the mob used a battering ram to knock down capitol doors. The posse also broke windows of the capitol buildings using stocks of rifles, rocks, or chairs.

DC police also found larger bombs around 700 yards outside of the capitol’s perimeter. Bombs were placed in a truck, parked two blocks from the Capitol and also contained 11 additional homemade bombs built in such a way that federal investigators said if exploded would have the effect of napalm. Court documents said the explosive-filled mason jars and supplies found closely packed together could have made for a “destructive device. At least one improvised explosive device was found near the entrance of the senate chamber, while another pipe-bomb-like device was later discovered at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee.

Congressmen duck for cover as terrorist breach the Capitol building

The law enforcement response was tepid compared to police responses to Black peaceful protests seen earlier this summer, when demonstrators were killed, beaten, and arrested en masse.

Minneapolis police preparing for teenagers with posters (left) & unidentified Capitol Hill officers posing for photos with armed terrorist

At the capitol gates, police posed for photos with attackers and aided attackers by washing their eyes out after they were hit with law enforcement’s own chemical irritants.
Many more police appeared on social media standing and watching attackers loot congressional offices, indicating that attackers not only were looking for confidential information but were also aided by police who had security access to the rooms.

Additionally, several fire departments in Florida and New York City have reported to federal authorities that some of their members may have been present at the attack.
The Virginia Rocky Mount police department said on Sunday it had placed two officers on administrative leave after it learned they attended the attack in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday while off-duty.

After being aided by capitol police, the white supremacists freely roamed through the capitol complex, including the Senate chamber. They vandalized offices, stole sensitive documents, and took pictures or videos that would later be posted to social media (and not censored by big Tech companies).

The NY times reported that a rioter was given directions to Chuck Schumer’s office from one of the Capitol Hill Police officers.

Rep. Jim Clyburn claimed that attackers knew exactly where hidden offices including his were, “That to me indicated something untoward may have been going on.”

Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of the attack was the failure of National Guard forces to respond promptly. Mayor Muriel Bowser called for the national guard on December 31 according to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, but reports indicate Capitol Police did not request for assistance from the troops until after the attackers had already breached the capitol buildings.

According to Kenneth Rapuano, the assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, the Defense Department was in contact with Capitol Police ahead of Wednesday’s attacks. They asserted that they would not be requesting National Guard support, he said.

That sill doesn’t answer why the D.C. National Guard, and perhaps Guard troops from Maryland and Virginia, weren’t there ahead of time?

Much of the Legacy media is not calling this a terror attack or coupe attempt. The Washington post has repeatedly called the attackers, “protestors”. The AP has called the incident a “shock” and NBC has yet to release arrest photos of any of the assailants. Perhaps the most telling sign of the Legacy media’s caping for these attackers is the coverage (or lack thereof) of the obvious collaboration between the several Capitol police and the attackers.

In a similar fashion to the Oregon capitol state building attack on Christmas eve, the white supremacist broke into a federal building and immediately targeted congressmen or at the very least attempted to steal sensitive documents.

In other news, at least one congressmen has decided to take the national threat of white supremacy seriously.
Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) is currently drafting legislation to call for a commission to investigate Capitol Police and whether any of its members have ties, directly or indirectly, to white nationalists and white nationalist sympathizers.

“My focus has always been racial justice, and this is right in alignment with that,” Bowman says of the bill he plans to introduce. “It’s just going to accelerate certain things and, I hope, make my colleagues more amenable to understanding what the hell we’re talking about when we say institutional racism is the number one problem in our country, outside of COVID, right now.”

“I’m on the record saying ‘Police have never kept me safe,’” says Bowman, who is a Black man, “and I think Wednesday captured that for the majority of my colleagues,” He went on to say “The overall lack of presence and lack of preparation and sharing competence was on display for the world to see.”

“This may have been the first time in the lives of many of my colleagues that they felt that sort of terror and fear,” Bowman recounted. “Hopefully, they’ll think about public safety a bit differently than they currently do.”

Terrence Dorner, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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