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Black Americans Get Nothing From Biden’s Executive Extravaganza

Just as Biden promised nothing in specific for Black Americans during his 2020 national election run, he's gone about doing nothing for them now that he's gotten in office

Joe Biden has been on a signing spree.

The new US president has signed over 30 pieces of executive legislation during his first week of office.
Many are in awe by the sheer number and speed of executive orders being instituted by President Biden when the country has just gotten past an extremely close election, one that saw the nation’s citizenry virtually split its vote in half between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

But so far, Biden has shown no signs of slowing down, signing at least 3 executive actions (memorandum or order) per day.

Asian Americans celebrate as Joe Biden is nominated for 46th United States president

Executive orders range from a major immigration overhaul to open ended protections for illegals, to new national traveling restrictions for Americans, and even new stringent mask requirements.

For the moment, Biden has appeared to satisfy all sides of his base; LGBTQ, Latinos, and Asians appear to all have received some form of executive action within the first 7 days of the Biden administration.
All of Biden’s voter bases were included in his executive giveaway except one.

3 Bedwenches dance a jigg at Biden inauguration

The same group of citizens that put Biden over the top in multiple swing states during this years national elections, the same group that political pundits inside the beltway label as “The Democratic party’s workhorses”, the same group that also gave the Democrats narrow majorities in not only the senate– but the house as well.

Honduran illegal migrant caravan numbering in thousands move towards US-Mexican border

The polity who eagerly await Joe Biden’s aid are Black Americans and they want Biden to grant them some form of executive action to either start directing cash reparation payments to Foundational Black Americans for the greatest crime in human history or destroying the immunity from law (much of which Biden has written & instituted himself) that the Thugs with Badges have.

But just as Biden promised nothing in specific for Black Americans during his 2020 national election run, he’s gone about doing nothing for them now that he’s gotten in office. Biden also claimed during his electoral win that he would have “Black people’s back”, meaning that he likes Black Americans voting for him, but he still won’t do anything tangibly for them.

‘South’ Asians For Biden

This political sentiment can best be summed up in Kamala Harris terms as “I’m not going to sit here say I’m gonna do something that only benefits Black people, NO!!!”

No, but in all seriousness, Black people got nothing.

Here’s a quick summary of some of Biden’s latest executive actions that aid everyone but Black people!

  • Reinstates Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • New Cv-19 travel restrictions established
  • Pulls funding from border wall as well as stops construction immediately
  • Establishes memorandum ordering the attorney general to work to prevent “Anti-Asian” discrimination, whatever that means
  • Provides Susan “Back the F Down” Rice with a do-nothing job combatting racism in Federal Agencies
  • Ends Federal contracts with private prisons although only around 12% of the fed’s prisoners are housed in private institutions
  • Reinforces already in place protections for LGBTQs
  • Fully incorporates illegals into US census count, bolstering states with sanctuary cities population and thus votes per capita

Lastly, the Biden-Harris administration claims that it can’t do anything that only benefits one group of people.

Tell that to Asian-Americans.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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