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Wheeler Beats Down Bedwench, Causes Her to Need Milk

According to Alleah, Chad came home from practice and told her to bow down to him, an act that must be considered customary in their household. Alleah oddly refused to bow to Chad this time, and he promptly put the people's elbow on her.

Get the Aloe Vera, grab some Cocoa Butter, and lace up the hair that doesn’t belong to you, because another bedwench needs Black America to come to her aid!

Alleah Wheeler, a biracial woman, has caused a national outrage by accusing Chad Wheeler, a NFL offensive tackle, of severely beating & nearly killing her.

Alleah Wheeler before beating (left), Wheeler after the fight of the century (right)

Alleah posted the pictures of her badly beaten body on instagram.

According to Alleah, Chad came home from practice and told her to bow down to him, an act that must be considered customary in their household. Alleah oddly refused to bow to Chad this time, and he promptly put the people’s elbow on her.

Wheeler stands at 6’8 325 lbs, and is a trained NFL athlete, so it’s no surprise to anyone that he can do a significant amount of damage.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Wench portrayed in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’, Sheba (left) and Massa Candy (right)

Wheeler began to repeatedly punch his wife in the face and stomach, he then proceeded to break Alleah’s arm so she would not be able to grab a weapon for protection, and finally Wheeler used a pillow to suffocate her to what he assumed was her death.

According to the police report Wheeler actually uttered “So you’re still alive, huh?” after Alleah regained consciousness several hours later.
Upon waking up, Alleah quickly ran to the bathroom and texted Chad’s parents begging for help but received no response. After about an hour she eventually decided to call the cops on the man who was attempting to kill her.

Wheeler not only resisted arrest of responding law enforcement personnel, but had the gall to beg for forgiveness on twitter. Wheeler also claimed the incident was “manic episode”.
But Brothas, nothing in these chain of events are unusual.

A (presumably) Black female gets involved with a white supremacist who wants her as his personal maid and sex slave. It almost seems identical to Thomas Jefferson raping his Black maid, or George Washington raping his Black maid, or Strom Thurmond raping his Black maid.

But lets be honest Brothas, is this really rape?

Did Sally Hennings get raped by Thomas Jefferson or did she spend 30 years living comfortably in the ‘Master’s House’ while her kin toiled in the heat. Were Essie William’s words concerning the fact that her Black mother “loved Strom Thurmond till the day she died” a lie?

We all know that there were and have always only been two types of Sistas in this nation;
Those who are fighting white supremacy and those who are aiding it.

The clear dichotomy between Sheba allied with Massa Candy (left) versus Django protecting Hilda as they confront Candy (right)

So Brothas, we need to exercise some discernment when it comes to these bedwenches getting a little bruised up.

We have serious issues like stopping the Holtzclaws and Pantaleos of the world, like building our wealth daily, and like owning our own business so we can’t be shut off from said wealth.

We need to let that wench walk it off, advise her to keep her chin up, and maybe suggest that she bow the next time Brad asks her to.

By the way, where’s Madam Noir? Where’s Shade Room or any of these other ‘Wench Weekly’ publications like the Grio, Root, Salon, or Slate? Where are pink pillers, divestors, & swirlers? Where is the freaking entirety of shea butter twitter? And most importantly, where are the professional white ass kissers like Jemele Hill, Gayle King or Oprah Winfrey at?

Oh yeah, they’re doing what countless other wenches have done before them, praying they don’t lose ‘Massa’s favor’.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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