7 Rochester Thugs Viciously Assault 9 year-old Sista

This mother is just as much responsible for this sick act of white supremacist violence as the Rochester Executioners.

The Rochester Thugs with Badges also known as the Rochester police brutally assaulted a young Sista as she was going home.

Unnamed male Rochester thug assaults child

The thugs were reportedly called by the young girl’s own mother due to a “vehicle dispute”. The mother claims she “told the officers her daughter needed mental help” yet she still made a call for men with guns to show up to give her daughter some “help”.

This mother is just as much responsible for this sick act of white supremacist violence as the Rochester Executioners.

The now viral body camera footage of the thugs in question shows two Rochester punks aggressively slamming a small 9 year-old Black child on a car, they then wrestle with the child while shouting unclear commands. The thugs finished by abducting the young girl, putting her in the back of their vehicle and pepper spraying her for making them angry.

Video footage show a unnamed white male gangster physically assaulting the child, while a unnamed white female thug pepper sprayed the young child while she was already handcuffed.

Unnamed female Rochester thug pepper sprays child

The child can be heard screaming for her Father for help as the two assailants mercilessly assault her.

One attacker can be hear on camera saying “Just spray her, just spray her at this point. I got her. I got her.”” as the male gangster held down the 9 year-old child.

There’s been no medical reports released regarding the status of the young Sista who was attacked. There’s also been no reports on her possible blindness due to the pepper sprayed she received at close distance.

Several Rochester thugs respond to handle 9 year-old child

It’s still unclear if the Rochester Black community will seek vengeance for this brazen attack.

The Rochester Thugs with Badges are refusing to name the attackers in question or the 5 additional responding officers on the scene, which brings to question “How many police officers does it take to assault a nine-year old girl?”

AG Leticia James (left) & Daniel Prude being executed by Rochester Thugs (right)

As usual, New York attorney general Leticia James has refused to charge the thugs, and Mayor Lovely Warren is calling for “unity and change”, whatever that means. It must also be noted that the Rochester gang recently strangled and suffocated Daniel Prude to death just 10 months ago during their reign of terror.

B1Daily is asking anyone with information on the two attackers of this young girl to email our organization at

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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