2 Brothas Invent Thought-Controlled Robot Arm

Two young Brothas from Kikuyu, Kenya have invented a machine that utilizes mind-reading technology to operate robotic limbs.
Moses Kinyua & David Gathu are the geniuses behind the ‘NeuroNodeheadset, a device that detects and converts stimuli to programmed movement.
Once this stimulus is detected, a current is then sent into the robot’s circuitry, which gives the arm its mobility – similar to how our own nervous system in our spines send messages to our limbs.

Gathu & Kinyua test ‘NeuroNode’ headset

“It’s a god given talent. Whenever we see a problem we try to solve it practically.” Said Gathu
The inventors hope is to help improve the living standards of the nation’s disabled population.
We created a gadget you can put on your head that will transmit you thoughts to the device. If you think to lift your hand, it will lift its hand, if you want to move left or right it will do it.” Gathu demonstrated.

The invention is powered purely by the thoughts of its subject and is made out of mostly recyclable materials including metal and wood, and can move both vertically and horizontally.
The invention could find itself in high demand, especially considering how approximately 10% of Kenya’s population, which is around 50 million, are disabled.
Additionally, Legs4Africa, an organization that helps those who have lost limbs, could be a potential top client.

NeuroNode with recyclable mechanical arm

A number of successful and innovative inventions have originated from Kenya in recent years. Some of these include special gloves that convert sign language into speech and a special chip placed within a shoe sole that charges itself up while you walk.

If Kenya keeps producing Brothas like this, it could well become a technology hub in the near future: not just for Africa, but for the whole world.

Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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