Cube Agrees to Meet With Biden on CWBA

Famed hip-hop icon & producer Ice Cube has announced that President Biden’s transition team has contacted him to request a meeting between Cube and the new President to discuss Ice Cube’s “Contract With Black America”, a baseline plan for the revitalization of Black America.

“Yesterday they reached out. I believe it will go down sometime this month. I don’t know exactly when. I’m available. I will make myself available. I know this new administration is really into helping all minorities, but I believe Black people in this country are in a unique position. I think there needs to be things, as far as specialty programs—you know me, I’m all about reparations. It seems like a bad word to this administration but we gotta change that. And add some fairness to this system.” Said Cube.

I would love to bring some people in; I work with some great experts who know the root of the problem much better than me, I would love to bring in the specialists I have and the experts I have to see what we can do to start moving the ball down the field.”

Cube in recent zoom meeting

“I knew, at the end of the day, whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House, they’re still not looking at our agenda in the right way. It really don’t matter. We still gotta get them to acknowledge and remedy the situation. So right now, they like to acknowledge, but nobody wants to do what it takes to remedy the situation … So that’s the part we need to get on these politicians about: actually fixing it. And they have the power to. They just won’t do it.”

Cube’s “Contract With Black America” will address racial inequalities in the banking and financial industries, criminal justice system, policing, education and more. “Making sure that a fair amount of government contracts go to Black businesses,” he named as one of the contract’s talking points. “… I really want to focus on economics. I think economics could fix a lot of these other social problems.”

The meeting is still in its planning stages, Cube said, but could happen later this month.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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