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Asians Engage in Usual Anti-Black Racism

When the chinese have created half of Africa's current infrastructure, are allowed to operate freely on African soil while indigenous Africans are targeted by their own governments, and even underpay Africans to work their own gold mines, what kind of respect does the free world owe the people of Africa?

The chinese have once again insulted Africa.

CCTV chinese actors sport ‘blackface’

China Central Television or CCTV’s “African Song and Dance” performance came at the start of the Spring Festival Gala, a recurring festival event celebrating the lunar Year, this was the year of the Ox.

The show drew criticism for its chinese dancers showcasing African-style costumes and masquerading around the stage in blackface as more chinese actors in monkey costumes beat loud drums. This marks the second time CCTV has performed blackface, the first being its 2018 Spring Festival Gala, featuring performers dressed like monkeys carrying spears.

China’s foreign ministry has defended the African segment of the show as a sign of respect, stating that the show was to commemorate the recent corporation of chinese and Kenyans. China recently built a 1.5 billion dollar railroad in northern Kenya as a means to transport supplies to their multitudes of gold mines, all of which the chinese own, even though the mines are located on Kenyan soil.

chinese diplomat standing with African sellout

While it’s obvious this was a spit in the face of Kenya and other African nations doing dealings with China, it’s unclear what the African response will be, if any.

Most of the international community is familiar with the fact that Kenya borrowed more than $3 billion from China to build the 472-kilometer railway from Mombasa to Nairobi, but for those new to African politics, this flagrant sign of disrespect shown from what most would assume to be nations working together might seem odd.

This racist sentiment shown by the Chinese is not new, in fact it’s customary in Africa, a continent led by failed (usually European-placed) leaders selling their fellow countrymen’s resources so that they and their families live comfortably while their nation is in disarray.

Usually the country invading, in this case the chinese, come to the African nations looking for some form of sellout political class who will provide them visas, access to African famer’s land, and even access to Black children. This sellout political class never does anything for the Africans withering away in their own nation, instead this class of traitors takes a payout of some kind from the invader and either fleas the country in hopes of reaching a white nation or depends on the invading force to also provide the traitors with weapons to rule over the rightly indagated countrymen.

Fleet of African sellouts posing as “leaders” stand behind President Xi

This traitorous class takes the form of a Uhuru Kenyatta, a Cyril Ramaphosa, a Muhammadu & Aisha Buhari, a Nana Akufo-Addo, and the space in this article doesn’t provide enough room to formally list all of these collaborators.
You can also find the traitor’s kinfolk running around the US (see Joy Reid, Barack Obama, Doja Cat)

Once the sellout class has given the chinese or any other invading group access to rich minerals needed to keep the Asian economy functioning, the invading force then begins to build local infrastructure that Africans are not allowed to own. Typically this building takes the forms of highways, railroads, military bases, or airports. The building of the foreign infrastructure signifies that the invaders own that area.

Dozens of Ghanaians lift chinese businessman over their heads as chinese is made new village ‘tribal chief’

The invaders then begin to insinuate themselves into the local population. This usually takes the form of intermixing with younger women in the area in hopes of creating a buffer group, a entity of biracial citizens who have allegiance to the invaders group of people despite coming from the same bloodline of the invaded. The chinese have explicitly focused on doing this in Ghana, Kenya, “Democratic” Republic of Congo, and even in South Africa.
Lastly the invading class then begins to seize political power, sometimes by using their biracial offspring to rule over the indigenous population, other times by simply paying off the current political leadership to relinquish their power silently to the invaders.

This standardized clown show pretending to be “inter-continental trade” is no more than a continuation of the European colonization of Africa, this time featuring the Africans original historical opponent, the Asian.

When the chinese have created half of Africa’s current infrastructure, are allowed to operate freely on African soil while indigenous Africans are targeted by their own governments, and even underpay Africans to work their own gold mines, what kind of respect does the free world owe the people of Africa?

Apparently none, because the chinese once again made a show out of their mockery and disrespect of the African, this time on international television.

Day laborers who used to display enough pride to be considered African

Will the African people finally get sick of being backhanded publicly? Will the African citizens stand behind righteous warriors like Julius Malema who stand for African sovereignty and Black nationalism? Or will the African keep toiling away and complaining while their kin gets crushed by a rock while working in the Keny- sorry, chinese gold mines?

By the way, Kenya’s “leadership” has been silent regarding the recent incident of chinese bigotry. The failed “leaders” probably are waiting for the chinese to provide them with another mansion or vacation in return for assuring their (what we presume to be) angered masses.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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