Orbon predictably drops charges against Central Park Marauder Amy Cooper

Tuesday 11:39 AM 2/16/2021
Prosecutors predictably dropped charges against famed white supremacist Amy Cooper, a white female who attempted to call in Thugs with Badges to murder a homosexual Black male named Christian Cooper.

Video shows Amy Cooper strangling her dog, and attempting malicious murder attempt on Black man

Christian Cooper originally stopped Amy Cooper (no relation) in Central Park, New York, where he requested she put her dog on a leash, a rule displayed near the park’s entrance.
Amy Cooper then became violently frantic, threatening to call the local Thugs with Badges on Christian for telling her what to do.
“I’ll tell them you’re trying to attack me.” She screamed. “Help, help, there’s a Black man attacking me, help!”
Amy would stay on the line for nearly 2 minutes filing a false report meant to murder a Brotha.
Christian Cooper recorded the entirety of the incident and subsequently was cleared of any wrong doing.

Manhattan Prosecutor Joan Illuzi-Orbon (left) & Brooklyn Judge Ann Swern (right)

Despite the murder attempt by Amy, the irresolute Christian decided to not post the video, until his sister (being on code) made the decision to go to the Black media with the video.
Amy Cooper immediately was let go from her employment and gained international fame for her modern day failed lynching attempt.

Christian Cooper then went to the white media begging Black America to stop putting the elbow on Ms. Cooper, stating “She’s already went through enough.”

Now just 6 months later, Manhattan prosecutor Joan Illuzi-Orbon said: “The simple principle is: one can not use the police to threaten another and, in this case, in a racially offensive and charged manner.
Illuzi-Orbon also said Amy Cooper had completed therapy.

Illuzi-Orbon is a assistant DA for Cyrus Vance’s office and has been a white supremacist lawyer for over 30 years. She also currently teaches for St John’s university.

Judge Anne Swern, presiding over the matter agreed to dismiss the charges and said she would seal Cooper’s case file. Anne Swern ran for election for judge of the New York City Civil Court Kings County. Swern won the 2018 general election for her seat, meaning that she can be impeached through the state’s assembly. Swern teaches at Brooklyn Law School, and is listed as a Democratic district leader.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Illuzi-Orbon should be considered for disbarment and she’s the perfect candidate considering New York just signed legislation into law allowing any prosecutor who has violated personal rights of a citizen or New York state professional conduct standards to be investigated upon request of any private citizen.
The office of Cyrus Vance Jr. has crossed the Black grassroots one too many times. Mr. Vance is coming up for reelection this November and has only raised 5,000 dollars so far. Last year, his campaign reported receiving roughly $27,000 in contributions, records show.

Our objectives are simple:
-Remove Cryus Vance Jr. from office and replace him with an on-code attorney who will make punishing the race soldiers a top priority.
-Submit a series of formal request for Ms. Illuzi-Orbon or any other prosecutor involved in this case to be investigated & reprimanded by the New York bar association.
-Request that St. John University immediately terminate Ms. Illuzi-Orbon’s tenure at the institution.
-Request Brooklyn Law School immediately terminate Ms. Swern’s tenure at the institution.
-Find & incentivize 5 representatives to bring impeachment articles for Judge Anne Swern to the floor of the New York State Assembly
-Lobby all NYC mayoral candidates to make a public commitment to passing a new local ordinance making a filing a false report on a Black person equivalent to felonious attempted murder .

The Black polity absolutely must demonstrate to the entirety of New York, that we have the finances and more importantly, the will to punish those who refuse to punish the race terrorist.

-Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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