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Democrats Officially Take Longer than Republicans to Pass Stimulus

Now nearly 70 days into their majority held administration, the Democrats still haven't passed a stimulus bill. Their excuse? Members of their own party attempted to sink the bill.

Now possessing a clear majority in all 3 chambers of US political power, the Democrats have had over 65 days to implement their policy changes to show contrast to Republican’s near decade stranglehold in DC.
The only problem, they’ve done nothing.
In a similar manner to the now infamous Darrell Isa interviews of Hillary Clinton and multiple committees that questioned members of the Obama administration for a failed (mostly bipartisan) effort to illegally storm a compound in a foreign land, the modern Democrats have decided to replicate this time wasting strategy.

Darrell Issa questions Obama administration officials over Benghazi (left), Joe Neguse berates Trump (right)

Inaugurating their narrowly gained majority in the senate and highly contested national presidential election win, the Democrats set out to once again, impeach Donald Trump. After wasting 32 days of having their future presidential hopefuls grandstanding in the senate chamber lambasting Trump for “airtime”, the final vote on impeachment was of no surprise to anyone.
As expected white supremacist will never thoroughly punish their kin, and the same Democrats who claimed to be against Trump prolonged his political career as they predictably refused to bring any substantive penalties against the orange man.

54th Speaker for House of Representative Nancy Pelosi

After having wasted over a month attacking (if only verbally) their political opponents, the Democrats then set out to pass a one-time stimulus bailout for the American economy, despite a majority of their 2020 senatorial and presidential candidates running on monthly stimulus payments.
Now nearly 70 days into their majority held administration, the Democrats still haven’t passed a stimulus bill.
Their excuse? Members of their own party attempted to sink the bill.

Democrats now anticipate that they may be able to pass a bailout by April, officially taking nearly 4 months to do what a divided Republican led congress did in 3 weeks.

This only seems surprising if one considers the Democrats to be separate from the Republicans.

As Black Americans, we know that congress moves with lighting speed to implement policy that harms us.
Rather its Biden’s Law also known as the 94 crime initiative, the Telecommunications Act, the invasions of Iraq, the giving of contracts to private military companies like Blackwater to patrol New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, or even the 2008 bailout to the tune of trillions given to the largest corporate entities on planet earth, congress can move in a bipartisan fashion when its in the interest of white supremacy.

So its now openly apparent that the Democrats have no real intentions of doing anything differently than their Republican counterparts, although any Black fourth grader could clearly see they are aligned against us and that’s the only real agenda inside the beltway.

Now the question becomes “How do we as the Black polity handle the Democrats & Republicans open disdain for us?”

Brothas On-Code

We go to political war with both of the faces of the administrative arm of white supremacy, starting first with our money.
We need a PAC, we need a series of them– a entire constellation of PACS meant to secure our interest and to put the political elbow on the white supremacist who masquerade as a Democrat or Republican.

Why is it that the Asian community who makes up less than 6% of our nation somehow can create Asian candidates seemingly out of thin air? it’s because their economy funds their political action.
Why is it that the Latinos who a majority of which aren’t even here legally, can get their way in public policy not only at the national level but at the local as well? It’s because their resources (in their case real estate and restaurant business) function as a piggy bank to subsidize their political will.

Why is it that the Jews seem to have every candidate publicly bow the knee before them on national television? It’s because the Jewish community owns their own media platforms and can incentivize candidates long before they make it to their own networks. See California Creative Talent agency picking Donald J Trump to have his own TV show on NBC, then the allegedly “free” coverage that the Jewish owned networks like CNN and CBS provided for him leading up to his 2016 presidential run. The Jewish community understands that their industry happens to be in finance and entertainment, hence those industries need to directly affect people who can pass policy, because the passing of policy is the peaceful way that societies divvy up resources.
As someone who’s worked on “capitol hill” or the properly referenced “den of thieves“, and who has worked closely with several high-profile national candidates, I can attest that the key aspect to a correctly functioning American (white) political discourse is that Black people must be excluded.

There’s an old saying in political circles, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on it.”

Other groups understand that Black Americans are the economic floor of the country, and it’s by political design. Meaning that if Black Americans lack the political mechanisms or organization to force the same policy changes that give these other minority groups arbitrary “leg ups” in the larger society then the status quo of Black Americans at the bottom will be perpetually upheld.

‘Legendary’ Johnny Cochran (right) prepares to establish new firm to advocate for Tulsa attack survivors (left) to get reparations

It’s an unspoken agreement between the dominant society and its buffer groups. That if Black people do begin to organize not with protest, but resources and begin to garnish their own lobbyists who push for economic benefits specifically for Foundational Black Americans, then then the whole scheme would turn on its head.

The groups participating would also fracture and begin to fight each other. If one needs an example of this, see the 2020 financial collapse and subsequent infighting that white supremacy engaged in, culminating in an attempted coupe.
Lobbying is the solution, at least politically speaking. We cannot hope to influence politicians without an economy of our own, that means that we need to individually get our weight up so that our finances don’t end with our new purchase or savings. It ends with our influencing the surrounding political landscape so that we control the divvying up of resources.

After that our wealth will grow exponentially.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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