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China-Comms & white Media Team up to Target Black Media

Neither the Chinese communist media nor the white media will make us back down from getting our people on code.

Upon our serialization of the now extremely popular story “Asians Engage in usual Anti-Black racism” we here at The Daily have received a flood of hate mail, threats, and legal request to not cover Asian thievery of the resources of Africa and the recent Black face comedy special that China Central Television or CCTV aired last month.

A majority of the mountain of hate mail came from Asian lobbyist groups with clear connections to the Chinese communist government, which has a significant foothold in the American finance industry.
Additionally, we received a letter threatening legal action claiming that our authors engaged in slander for mentioning Asians well-known plundering of Africa.

Well let us here at The Daily be clear about the issue of Anti-Black racism: We don’t back down, we double down.

We’re not at all intimidated by the threats or attempted banning of our website from China. For us who are B1 those actions taken by our enemy represent a badge of honor, furthermore it tells us that we’re hitting the right spot.

Family, lets be real for a moment.

The Asians both domestic and abroad, understand fully well that they’re eating off of our plates.
The Asians in the states make over 40% of their group’s wealth from restaurant businesses primarily set up in Black communities, they also run nail shops, & despicable hair or “weave” shops the re-enforce the white supremacist narrative that Black women’s hair is unacceptable in its natural curly fashion.
Oh yeah, we forgot. The Asians also run a vast majority of liquor outlets in our neighborhoods. Just like the British invasion of the Irish, the invading force prefers that we’re inebriated during their campaigns against us.
They also beat up single Black mothers (often of the hoodrat persuasion) in these restaurants and salons, but somehow the Chinese communist party nor any of the 6 Asian lobby groups who bombarded us with emails have ever spoken against the routine displays of maulings committed against Black women by Asians.

Asian shop owner slams Black woman to the ground

Abroad is just as bad, the Asians come to Africa murdering our genetic heritage in the form of incentivizing poachers to kill animals, grazing large swaths of land with their construction companies (ran by Asians but worked by Africans), and insinuating themselves into Africa’s local political infrastructure.

Asian poacher murders Zimbabwean rhino

Just recently, Julius Malema had to speak against a Chinese businessman being inducted into the South African Parliament.
The Asians live off of our resources, and if we as Black people worldwide had the same embargo against Asian products and business dealings as they do against us then we could bring them down in 2 decades. They are not naïve to this economic fact.

African babies forced to mine for the Asians & European business interest

So the Chinese communist regime has a vested interest in protecting its ability to create wealth or better stated the ability to steal African’s wealth from being exposed.
Here’s the deal. Sista’s, it your turn to show that you can get on-code and take aim at our opponents. For the past 3 decades the Asians have depended on your patronizing their crappy salons, cheap restaurants (Where the food is primarily made with cat or dog meat), or wig stores (Where many of you get weaves that look hilariously bad, but Brothas don’t say anything because we understand that white supremacy has beaten you down mentally), which means that Black women undoubtedly have the power to shut down a third of the Asian’s national economy simply by not shopping with them.

Black women don’t shop with people who routinely accuse you of stealing, or being to loud, or who outright attack you. Instead, shop with other Black people who can make products that are perfect for you, that reflect your inner beauty without the white supremacist blond hair due being sold to you for 32.99 or the Indian girls hair sold to you for 69.99.
Sista’s can pay other Sista’s to do their nails and none of us need to eat the dog meat.

As for Africans, you all need to take Malema’s lead on a litany of things. Africa is for Africans, and just as the Asian’s have had a 3,000 year old history of Anti-Black racism (including the Hyksos invasions, the wiping out of the original Black skinned Xia people of China, and the current Asian embargo of Black products worldwide), there’s no reason to think they’ll stop now.

Last of Shang people of China prior to their extermination at the hands of Han (left) & earlier depictions of their Xia dynasty (right)

Its Africans responsibility to ban Asians from owning national property in the motherland and prohibit them from holding tribal or parliamentary/congressional status. Most importantly, its the Africans responsibility to know how or what tools the Asians are using to garnish the motherlands resources and their subsequent manufacturing of said resources so that we may replicate their success, and once again DRIVE THEM OUT (shout out to ancestor Ahmose the Great).

Depiction of Ahmose the Great driving out the dregs of Asia known then as the ‘Hyksos’

By the way, does anybody remember when in 2020 Guangzhou Chinese citizens accused African migrants of being the cause of the Wuhan virus and began to kick them out of the city, and yes, country? Just asking for a friend.
Does anybody remember Peter Liang? or the Murder of Latasha Harland? Again, just asking for a friend.

Chinese harass and deport African migrants in Guangzhou, 2020

As for the white media, we’ve all seen the absolute epidemic of videos claiming that Black people are “attacking Asians”. Even though these alleged events are obviously miniscule in number and non-existent in terms of fatality the white media is creating an echo chamber for this complete con job in order to take the world’s view off of white racism, also called white supremacy.
After all, when you just had a failed coupe attempt in the name of white nationalism, the world galvanized against the murder of innocent Black men like George Floyd, and in a summer where Black people went to being upset about Amhad Arbery’s murder to being outside of the house of Derrick Chauvin with guns and nooses ready, its in the white media’s interest to take attention off of themselves.
Which brings us to the essence of this rant; Neither the white media nor the Chinese communist media will make us back down from getting our people on code.

‘Raz’ Malema and his soldiers march towards Cape Town business district

We’re going to turn up the heat on the Chi-Comms stealing from us in the United States and abroad. We’re going to turn up the heat on the white supremacist and their fascist governance. But most importantly, we’re going to begin the process of retaking the Black world that we lost. B1

Barrington Williams, Kerry Hill, B1Daily


  1. I am an Asian but I definitely support black people. Even though a lot of people in the world are like this, some people are with you. Just one question, why do you think immigration into Africa is completely a bad thing? (You know as long as it’s not harmful to you all)

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