Boycotting Hate

Black Americans who have been subjected to decades of anti-Black abuse and attacks from the Asian community have decided as a collective to stop supporting Asian businesses centered in the heart of our own communities.

In response, The Daily is kicking off the Anti-Hate Embargo, a call to all on-code Brothas & Sistas worldwide to refuse services or products from Asian businesses who have systematically targeted Black communities for exploitation. Additionally, The Daily is currently in talks with several Family members from the Motherland, who wish to see their nations break free from the grip of Asian & European exploitation.

We are instead purposing a 50-50 solution.

If the Asian community (or anyone else) abroad or domestic wants to do business with the Black world, then their businesses, national entities, or persons must agree to a 50-50 partnership with any subject Black persons or entities. As a condition of doing business with Black people worldwide, this partnership requires that non-Black parties must guarantee mentoring of partnered Black personnel. The treatises also demands that all manufacturing processes as well as advertising initiatives of potential or current ventures be taught directly to the involved Black parties.

If anyone wants to do trade with African or western Blacks, then their ventures will not exploit us, rather they will be of service to us, providing us opportunities to directly profit from the businesses that depend on our support.
Beginning 2021, our 100-year embargo begins. Our goal is to learn the internal business processes that will launch our nations, and indeed our people, to the apex of professional enterprises.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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