Dems Poised to Give Asians Arbitrary Protections

The Democratic led US national congress is preparing to pass legislation to allow Asian Americans arbitrary powers to report alleged “anti-Asian hate crimes” to a national database sponsored by the United States Justice Department.
The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., and Sen. Mazie K. Hirono, D-Hawaii, would equip law enforcement with added support to address “Asian hate crimes”.
Despite doing nothing to create a similar database for Foundational Black Americans who have been maligned and physically attacked by a variety of different groups or entities including the US federal government itself, Democrats who are largely supported by large Chinese lobbying entities are moving at lighting speed to pass substantive legislation meant to preemptively stop the upcoming Black-led embargo on Asian products.

Murderer of George Floyd: Tou Thao

Recently Democrats spat in the face of Black Americans publicly by passing the George Floyd act, a bill that not only refuses to substantively defund the Thugs with Badges, but also gives “Police departments 750 million more dollars” in funding as Joe Biden promised he would enact prior to his narrow 2020 election victory.

Murderer of Latasha Harllins: Soon Ja Du, after a Black-justice beatdown

‘Jim Crow Joe’ Biden also has been keen on pointing out the fact that his administration cannot or better yet, would not do anything for one specific group. However, this has not stopped Biden from not only passing executive actions specifically aimed at protecting Asian-Americans and now vowing to sign congressional legislation that reinforces the aforementioned legislation.

Murderer of Akai Gurley: Peter ‘Lie’ Ang

This flurry of Asian protectionism legislation comes just days after critically-acclaimed director Tariq Nasheed, a Foundational Black American, established the first Black-owned database aimed at documenting anti-Black hate crimes many of which are committed by Asian-Americans themselves.
Mr. Nasheed has been applauded by many in the Black community for taking action without the assistance of the US federal government, although its technically congress’s responsibility to ensure the protection of Black citizens (see 14th amendment).

We here at The Daily hope to see hundreds of more databases identical to that of Mr. Nasheed’s and we hope that Black Americans will utilize his database to provide more accurate reporting of anti-Black attackers instead of waiting on a national congress who is more dedicated to the murder of its Black citizens rather than their prosperity.

Sylvester Loving, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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