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Nearly a Thousand Nigerian Girls Taken in Mass Kidnappings

The Nigerian people are furious at their government's complete lack of preparedness for a problem that many claim to be decades old.

Eko Region, Nigeria— Yet another mass abduction of young Nigerian women has occurred.

Two young Sistas comfort each other after being successfully freed by local vigilantes

Initially, armed terrorist abducted 317 girls from a boarding school in northern Lagos, Nigeria on February 26th, many of which are still missing and being searched for through the mountainous region by local on-code Brothas from surrounding areas.

Local heroes pose after successfully securing hostages kidnapped by armed terrorist factions, Lagos 2021

Now yet another group of young people have been abducted, this time from a forestry college in Kaduna. The attack occurred on Friday, when 3 gunmen stormed the village with ak-47s and began firing at random. They then made their way to the southern entrance of the university, where they overran the self made barricade created by faculty and staff.

Father weeps for his missing children

A resulting 39 students were taken this time.

The Nigerian people are furious at their government’s complete lack of preparedness for a problem that many claim to be decades old. To add insult to injury, local state governors have been publicly denying payment to the bandits to free hostages, yet the state security forces are only now just following behind local militia groups who have been hunting the terrorist responsible for the biggest mass abduction staged in northern Lagos just over a month ago.

Since December, heavily armed gangs have abducted and then ransomed off more than 1000 Nigerian schoolchildren, exposing how inadequate Nigerian security forces still are at protecting its own citizens.
Hundreds of school campuses have been closed across four states for fear of more attacks, leaving an estimated 20 million Nigerian children out of school.

Failed “President” Muhammadu Buhari

The terrorist responsible for conducting kidnappings have benefited from the weapons being taken south from the Obama regime’s war-torn Libya through Niger and across Nigeria’s border. Additionally, the kidnappings have unfortunately been a success. The number of attacks have many across the Nigerian nation questioning if an outside force is incentivizing the terrorist to act, or at least arming them.
SB Morgen, a Lagos-based geopolitical research firm, found that between January 2016 and March 2020 almost $11 million was paid to kidnappers.

Local Ikorodu militia group pose after another successful retrieval of Nigerian youth

Will the on-code Nigerian Brothas bring their kinfolk back home or wait for the clearly deficient Nigerian government ran by US and Chinese lobbyist? Only time will tell, but the Family doesn’t have much more time before the attackers strike again.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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