Time’s Up Caught Up in Their Own Sexual Assault Scandal

Nineteen members of Time’s Up Healthcare (one of the dozens of “arms” the slush fund has split into) have resigned over the past 3 days due to the organization’s handling of allegations that co-founder and board member Esther Choo refused to report several incidents of sexual assault made by co-workers at Oregon Health & Science University.

The group is now being sued as well.
A new federal lawsuit, filed by an anonymous plaintiff from the VA Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, accuses Jason Campbell, MD of sexual assault and of sending the plaintiff sexual texts and images.

Esther Choo

The suit alleges that Choo refused to report the incidents, and further alleges that TIME’S UP Healthcare founding member Laura Stadum, PhD, took no action on a previous sexual harassment complaints.
The plaintiff also allege that Choo discouraged other people from reporting separate incidents of alleged assaults.

Tweet from Time’s Up assault survivor

After a flurry of angry tweets from resigning members, the mega sized slush fund finally responded stating that Choo “acted in a way that was 100% consistent with those values, offering to do everything that she could to support her friend, while at the same time respecting her friend’s own agency.”

Those who resigned described frustration with the Time’s Up Healthcare organization’s extended public silence about the lawsuit and fragrant hypocrisy regarding its handling of the allegations.

“Everybody has a line,” said Pringl Miller, one of the organization’s founding members.

It looks like if there’s no Black man to attack, then Times Up/ Me Too or whatever new iteration they will attempt to rebrand themselves as, will be missing in action.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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