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The Derisive Campaign to Redefine Black Reparations

The Daily wants to send a special message to the Collaborators-Black Caucus (CBC). We won't forget this, and we're coming for your seats.

Following the second fraudulent H.R. 40 “hearings” put on by the US national congress just weeks ago, The Daily decided not to report on the “hearings” that once again featured advocates not for reparations, but against cash payments to Foundational Black Americans or Black Descendants of American Slavery.

Ta Nehisi ‘Chokes’ (right) and Corey ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Booker (left)

Look Family, lets be real.

We need to grow up as a group and understand when people or other groups are playing us for fools.

Reparations means a check, reparations means cash payouts and not a damn thing else.

There’s no need for there to be a national panel, or new committee, or a study, or for ‘Jim Crow’ Joe’s gesture of approval, or another damn debate on reparations for the builders of this nation.

Bobby “Can’t” Rush

These various methods of stalling are simply meant to kick the can down the road and in the meantime attempt to ‘wait out’ the extermination or better stated, the resource deprivation of Black Americans. In other words, maintain the status quo of Black Americans receiving no financial benefit from the country their ancestors built from the ground up with their own hands.

Herschel “Hide Your Coke” Walker

Sheila Jackson Lee and the Congressional “Black” Caucus must be punished for putting on this farce, for this outright insult to Black Americans, but we’ll save that for another column.

There’s no need for any more discussion, all that matters now is that we beat the drum continuously at the local level, at least in terms of policy. We will make it apparent to our local congressmen that we will not only refuse to accept policy that is not geared towards cash payments to Foundational Black Americans for the targeting of us by the US Federal or local governments and supporting white supremacist institutions, but we will also sue if the reparations payments meant to be exclusively applicable to us began to be dispersed to other groups.

The Daily is reaching out to several Black lawyers across the nation in order to create our own legal database of on-code Black lawyers ready to pounce on any injustice dealt out by the pernicious forces of white supremacy.

Sheila Jackson ‘Sleaze’

Our aim is to secure the checks that our noble ancestors toiled for. We also aim to institute a local mandate amongst city council members of our areas, a mandate calling for any city council member who is currently in office or hopes to run for office to pledge and more importantly, guarantee cash payment reparations to FBAs or risk being primaries within 1 term.

Maxine “Can’t Hold Her” Waters

While we’re on the subject The Daily wants to send a special message to the Collaborators-Black Caucus (CBC). We won’t forget this, and we’re coming for your seats. We may be starting at the local level in order to more effectively enforce our will, but just know that your time on capitol hill is limited. We are preparing to replace you. So suck up (or suck on) whatever white supremacist benefactor that you depend on because soon you’ll be held to account for the treasonous actions you’ve all partaken in.

You don’t cross the Family.

There’s no more time for talk, its time to cut the check & we, the dutiful descendants of the likes of Turner, Vesey, & Douglas must be absolutely uncompromising in obtaining justice for our people. B1

Marcus Davis is a proud hatchet man of B1Daily, he is a street activist, legal advocate, and a on-code Brotha, B1Daily

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