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Deadly Week of white Supremacist Attacks Against Asians

The Asian community is outraged about the killings, but silent on the underaged prostitution rings being run seemingly out in the open.

In what is becoming a damning week for the Asian-American community, the country has witnessed another white supremacist attacks on Asians, this time a mass killing.

Just this past weekend, a set of Korean-run brothels were targeted a by young white-identarian named Robert Aaron Long. Long went on a terror spree starting with three brothels in the Atlanta area, killing at least eight people, 6 of which were Asian.

Asian brothel shooter, Robert Aaron Long
Images reveal Long fleeing Young’s Asian Spa (left) & Image taken from Facebook profile (right)

Long regularly frequented all 3 brothels he committed his killings in. He’s also on record confessing to “Having a sex addiction”, a reference to his repeated intimate dealings with the Korean prostitution rings located in South Atlanta Springs.

Authorities were initially called to Youngs Asian Massage Parlor, a brothel run near Acworth, a northwest suburb of Atlanta, when a white suspect (Long) armed with Glock 9mm handgun walked into the front entrance of the building and proceeded to open fire. According to witnesses, Long ran through the building shouting frantically, he then shot 4 sex-workers who were attempting to flee.

Long then drove his 2012 Hyundai Tucson SUV at highspeed to 2 other Asian-owned brothels in the area. Long went on to gun down four more people at Gold Spa and Aromatherapy Spa in northeastern Atlanta, less than one hour later. Long was finally captured Tuesday night at the end of a police chase following his day of ferocious massacring.

The Asian community is outraged about the killings, but silent on the underaged prostitution rings being run seemingly out in the open. All three of the Asian brothels are listed on Rubmaps, an erotic review site that allows users to search for and review illicit massage parlors. Aromatherapy Spa and Gold Spa, both located in west Atlanta, have over 100 reviews.

Asian sex workers tremble in fear prior to being ‘shipped’

One anonymous reviewer stated that the women of the Gold spa were “hatchlings”, a term pedophiles use to describe underage women. A review for Aromatherapy Spa on March 2 also indicated sex was on the service list.

One of the eight victims, Xiaojie Tan, was listed as the owner of a limited liability corporation associated with Young’s Asian Massage. The LLC also owns Wang’s Feet & Body Massage, a prostitution ring in neighboring Kennesaw that is also listed on Rubmaps.
“You knock a few times, or show the person behind the door that you have a special card you can only get after a ‘full service’ other than that they don’t let anybody in–especially not Black people” said a Gold Spa customer who requested to remain anonymous.

Each of the brothels in question have blacked-out glass door that prevents visibility from the outside.
Currently, white authorities have made no arrest of those involved in the mega-sized human trafficking ring that appears to be run exclusively by a Korean crime syndicate.

This follows a disturbing resurgence in the trend of white supremacist males who often fetishize women and carry out violently killings.

Poker Champion, Suzie Zhao (right) & her killer, Jeffery Morris (left)

This latest attack on Asian women comes near the 1 year anniversary of the widely reported murder Susie Zhao, a world renowned poker star who was viciously raped and burned to death by a white-identarian named Jeffery Morris, a repeated sex offender.

In related news, a Chinese woman named Xiao Zhen Xie was punched in the face on March 17 by a homeless white supremacist named Steven Jenkins.

Xiao Zhen Xie (left), Steven Jenkins (right)

Witnesses alleged that Jenkins sprinted towards the elderly Asian woman and violently assaulted her just moments after he beat a elderly Asian man down the street. Police said a local security guard was alerted to the situation and chased after Jenkins when a group of citizens stopped him from getting away.
Jenkins now faces charges of assault, battery and 2 counts of elderly abuse.

Retained attorney for Steven Jenkins, Eric McBurney

Jenkins is now being represented by an Francisco Deputy Public Defender, Eric McBurney, an Asian-American himself, who said he believes that mental illness is likely to blame.

Sylvester Loving, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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