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Female white Supremacist Wants Black Children Freely Attacked

Judge Annie O'Connell not only let this animal back out on the streets after 1 rape, but just to let the Black community know of her disdain for them, she did it again.

Just like the white women who arranged rapes of Black women in the American antebellum holocaust, their descendants are now deciding to retake the mantle and aide sexual violence perpetrated against Black women.
Earlier this month in northern Kentucky, a serial rapist named Cane Lee Madden attacked a 8 year-old sista as she was playing with her toys in her Grandmother’s front yard. Madden rapped the young girl, hit her over the head with a shovel causing a hairline fracture in her occipital bone, he finished by stealing the young child’s ipad.

However, none of these actions were enough for a white supremacist named Anne O’Connell to sentence this fiend to prison.

Annie O’Connell

As we at the Daily stress, the white supremacist will never punish each other.

On March 11, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell declared the rapist as “mentally incompetent” and subsequently dismissed all charges related to the assault of the sista.
O’Connell is the same judge who dismissed previous rape charges against Madden in a separate case in 2018 where he brutally raped and bit of the face off of a woman. Madden was forcibly hospitalized for a short time after O’Connell’s 2018 order, but he was released from custody for unspecified reasons. Madden was also ordered to stay at a state hospital in Louisville, but because he harmed a Black person which isn’t a crime in Kentucky (see Breonna Taylor) he was released in to the greater population again.

Despite Dr. Timothy Allen from the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center (KCPC) in La Grange testifying on behalf of the prosecution that Madden is mentally competent to stand trial.
Judge Annie O’Connell not only let this animal back out on the streets after 1 rape, but just to let the Black community know of her disdain for them, she did it again.

“He has shown the ability to turn it on and turn it off when it works for him,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Foster told Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell. “He’s trying to make himself look crazier than he is…He is exaggerating.”

O’Connell has a history of acquitting race soldiers of heinous crimes.

In 2019 she ruled that a white supremacist named Gregory Bush who murdered two black people at a Kentucky Kroger store was not mentally competent to stand trial on state charges.

Cane Lee Madden (left) & enabler Annie O’Connell (right)

O’Connell has been practicing law for 15 years in Kentucky, she studied at the New College of Florida where she received a bachelors in white women’s studies, she then graduated from Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville in 2006. She made her name as a metro public defender.

O’Connell is most notably known for recommending firing of Kentucky attorneys who push for lesser charges of defendant in criminal court.

O’Connell is a circuit judge and Kentucky regulation allows for her to be run out of office, however that’s only after a 8 year term. Unfortunately, O’Connell was just elected in 2019.
We can file a Judicial Conduct Commission complaint and request to have her removed from office. In the meanwhile, we will make sure incentivize Kentucky state representatives to bring articles of impeachment on O’Connell due to her multiple acts of misconduct while sitting on the bench.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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