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Operation Safety Net: The Minnesota Race Soldier’s Latest Offensive

The speed of the deployment for the National Guard is thanks to Operation Safety Net, a tactical operation that Minnesota state authorities devised after the 2020 uprising.

Minnesota authorities have reported another execution of a young Brotha at the hands of the Brooklyn Center Thugs with Badges.

Daunte Wright, a young Black man riding home at night was pulled over by 3 local race soldiers for “having a air freshener dangling in his car”.

The attackers proceeded to yell commands at Daunte before yanking him out of the car as he held up his hands.

Daunte Wright and his son

Wright can be heard on film asking for the reason why the thugs were attacking him, prior to Kim Potter, a white supremacist female killer, taking out her Glock 9mm and shooting him.

Brooklyn Center is an inner-ring suburb on the northwest border of Minneapolis in Hennepin County. It sits on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

The Brooklyn Center Police agency claims to employ 45 officers, the agency has more than 69 officials and supporting staff, the agency also claims to have 24 additional plain clothed officers. The organization itself is 60 years old and covers a zone of 126 square miles (202.78 km2) which monitors a small urban populace of around 30 thousand people.

The department’s headquarters is located at 6645 Humboldt Ave N, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55430 but is just 1 of 473 police precincts located within the state. The agency is listed as having 2 helicopters at its disposal, a unlisted number of drones, and a unlisted amount of carrier vehicles.

Protestors gather outside of east entrance of Brooklyn-Center Thug agency

The department’s chief is Tim Gannon, makes a whopping $151,000 salary per year, while the average officer’s salary is listed per the page as being around $61,000 per year.

In response to angered protest, the state deployed 500 Minnesota National Guard members, and the faint-hearted Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott issued a curfew until 6 a.m. Monday.

Local authorities claim that the speed of the deployment for the National Guard is thanks to Operation Safety Net, a tactical operation that Minnesota state authorities devised after the 2020 uprising.

Operation Safety Net participants are comprised of 11 Minneapolis law enforcement agencies that agreed to coordinate with each other as well as National Guard members. It also calls for the sharing of information and creation of “collaborative teams” between deputies, local law enforcement, and uniformed military servicemen.

That capacity is about 2000 National Guard and 1100 law enforcement partners .” said Mayor Jacob Frey at a Minneapolis press conference last month.

In response to the unrest over the weekend Minnesota state officials moved Operation Safety Net into Phase 3, activating every officer available to stand guard around the Twin Cities.

The ramp up to phase three was initially planned for closing arguments and deliberation during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd.

The operation calls for paying “social media influencers” to help with communication, and selected seven organizations to aid police with undercover “patrols” or spying on local demonstrators in place of cops like last year’s foolhardy Mitchell Carlson, also known as “Umbrella Man”.

Here’s a list of the traitorous organizations who’ve agreed to aide the local thugs by spying on protestors for law enforcement under the guise of a contract from the Office of Violence and Prevention:

ex-Officer Mitchell Wesley Carlson a.k.a “Umbrella Man”

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington told the public Monday that the sheriff’s office will provide intelligence gathering as needed and they will use technology and social media to learn what organized groups are doing.

Harrington stated that the state was working alongside the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

“The FBI will be actively supporting the collective law enforcement effort to protect the Twin Cities and surrounding metropolitan area,” said Harrington, “We are not just focusing on the Twin Cities metro area,” he finished.

On top of the national guard being raised to respond to the threat of civilians with cardboard posters, the Minnesota Thugs with Badges even had the nerve to hoist the “blue lies matter” flag up at their station as a open declaration of war against Brooklyn-Center citizens.

Terrence Dorner, Barrington Williams, B1Daily


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