Cuomo Forces Taxpayers to Foot $2 Billion for Illegal’s Payouts

Despite Black New-Yorkers being hit the hardest by the economic shutdown of 2020, New York’s state legislator has opted to take much needed tax funds that should be going to the state’s own citizens, and instead direct that capital in the form of cash payments to illegals who have broken laws by breaking into the nation and fraudulently participating in the American economy.

The fund, which was announced as part of a broader $212 billion state budget agreement, will offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who can show state residency and prove they were negatively affected financially from the pandemic.

Governor Andrew “Don’t Grab Me!” Cuomo

Illegal immigrants who are unable to show the same level of verification will still be eligible to receive $3,200.
This follows California establishing its own $75 million cash assistance program in 2020, giving illegals a $500 one-time stimulus check on a first-come basis.

Prior to receiving partial relief through Biden’s coronavirus relief package, the state was facing a near $15 billion budget deficit, which brings to question where the money for the new fund is coming from.

The New York state assembly has outright refused to pass any substantive measure enacting cash payment reparations to Foundational Black Americans, despite Black Americans making up over 40% of the Democratic party, which holds the majority in the assembly, voter base.

Gov. Cuomo and the ‘House Negroes’

Just three weeks-ago the mega-sized state took action to make narcotics legal in the form of marijuana, but imposed no measure guaranteeing that a proceed of every pot sale goes to a Black reparations fund.

The state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo (D) who has been called to resign by a mass majority of the state due to his sexual improprieties and Tweed-esque corruption, was defended by a gang of black sellouts following a media firestorm that followed his alleged assaults. Yet, Cuomo himself has refused to vow to institute cash payouts for Black citizens with a lineage to American holocaust.

“This is a disgrace and tells you all you need to know about the Democrats who control New York,” said Republican New York State Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor who has been a major critic of the legislation.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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