Chauvin Convicted of Murder

Its simply not enough to get one of storm troopers convicted when at the same time local governments are forcing us to allocate tax dollars to subsidize these private armies

On Tuesday afternoon Derrick Chauvin was found guilty on all counts for the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin has been convicted of second- and third-degree murder, as well as second-degree manslaughter.
He currently faces up to 75 years in prison when he returns for sentencing in eight weeks.

Former Minneapolis Thugs with Badges J. Alexander Kueng (from left), Tou Thao and Thomas Lane are set to go to trial on August 23, 2021

But to many in the Black polity, Chauvin’s sentencing only highlights the incredible inefficiencies of the United States injustice system. It took over 8 months to get Chauvin put away, no new hate crime legislation was purposed to target the Thugs with Badges and give extra legal protections to Black American’s to more effectively combat local agencies that use unabated and premeditated violence.

The Thugs with Badges may call themselves police agencies but in reality they’re no more than paramilitary groups operating without any restrictions from the civil authorities. These agencies often participate in racketeering, human trafficking, and other felonious criminal acts under the guise investigatory policing.

Its simply not enough to get one of storm troopers convicted when at the same time local governments are forcing us to allocate tax dollars to subsidize these private armies or pay for settlements amounting to millions of tax dollars while never touching police pensions. To add insult to injury, the Democrats at the federal level also want to provide police agencies with more funding.

The George Floyd Act passed by the Democratic-led House of Representatives just last month would provide $155 million dollars to law enforcement agencies in hopes to combat the now historically popular “Defund the Police” movement brought about exclusively in 2020 by Foundational Black Americans.

It includes $50 million to train local law enforcement on certain best practices, $77.5 million to grant programs to boost police-community relations, $25 million for federal investigations into misconduct and $4 million for civilian review boards.

The goal of the Black grassroots must be to disarm these thugs. They’ve been using our funding to arm themselves with surplus equipment from the US military, to buy new aviation equipment from mega-sized white supremacist weapon manufactures, and then have the nerve to pay for their legal defenses after murdering Black people.

First we defund them, then punish them.

Chauvin is just the beginning, we need a hate crime bill in every state protecting Black citizens. There needs to be funding allocated at the federal level to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars specifically for Black security firms, so that we more seamlessly replace the local white supremacist agencies with Black justice precincts.
We must lobby for a public database containing every police department’s members information as well as information on previous civil or legal actions filed against them.
Chauvin’s rightful conviction for his lynching isn’t even the first step when just a few states away Texas is trying to free convicted murder Amber Guyger.

‘Becky-Broken’ former Dallas Thug with Badge Amber Guyger

We as the Black polity have to rededicate ourselves to pushing for sweeping policy against the Thugs with Badges. We haven’t even begun to exert our influence over the white supremacist infrastructure that’s stolen and continues to steal so much from us.

Barrington Williams, Kerry Hill, B1Daily


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