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Intercepting the white-Media Smear Campaign Against Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is the target of the latest new age lynching.

Deshaun Watson is the target of the latest new age lynching.

Originating as a lawsuit that originally only had one plaintiff represented by a settlement chasing attorney named Toney Buzbee, the civil suit now claims to have 20 more women who have alleged that the Texas superstar engaged in inappropriate conduct.

Watson, 25, reached a four-year, $156 million contract deal with the Texans in September. He went on to earn a third consecutive Pro Bowl selection before requesting a trade in January. His success at such a young age may be a sterling example of Black excellence, but it also made Mr. Watson a target.

Watson rushes for a touchdown

In an typical black code fashion, Mr. Watson has been accused by women who don’t want to be named. No police report has been filed against him since that would require some form of tangible evidence that he did something wrong.

Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin argued the use of anonymous lawsuits violates state law, yet Judge Dedra Davis took weeks to force the boorish Buzbee to disclose all of the accusers names. Buzbee still has not provided all information requested by Judge Davis. Hardin stated that one accuser attempted to extort Mr. Watson prior to the initial filing of suit. Watson’s marketing manager Bryan Burney, said that he spoke with an unnamed plaintiff from the case, he claims she told him that she wanted to be paid $30,000 for what she referred to as “indefinitely silence”.

“Numerous allegations in this onslaught of cases are simply not true or accurate.” Hardin stated.

Several other plaintiffs allegedly told others they wanted to “get money out of Watson” even if it ruined him. The filing alleges that another plaintiff “would have abandoned her voice and being the voice of other alleged ‘survivors’ if Mr. Watson would agree to pay her $100,000.”

“It was not until the plaintiffs saw an opportunity for a money grab that they changed their stories.” said Hardin.

When B1Daily reporters attempted to phone the Houston police for more information on if Buzbee had even submitted evidence, we were greeted by a public information officer who wished to remain unnamed, he stated that Buzbee “Has yet to submit a lick’ of evidence,” against Mr. Watson.

Despite no evidence other than racist hearsay, ESPN and indeed the rest of the white media has continuously reported on the baseless accusations as if the claims were somehow true.

“We have received numerous unsolicited comments in the past week from many licensed massage therapists who have worked with Deshaun in recent years,” Hardin said. “These women describe him as a gentleman and a model client who never engaged in inappropriate conduct.”

Robert Kraft (left) strolls with Rodger Goodell (right)

Mr. Watson is also being threatened by NFL personnel who despite letting Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft get away with raping multiple underage women, now want to engage in a all out blitz against the young athlete to prove the league’s commitment to anti-Black slander.

What’s worse, the man targeting Mr. Watson is a racist Trump-supporting conman. Anthony Glenn Buzbee, AKA Tony Buzbee, has a long history of fraudulent tactics.

In 2017 Buzbee Law Firm filed nearly 400 suits against insurers on behalf of clients who said they were impacted by Hurricane Harvey however Buzbee was found to have nowhere near that number of clients, most of the people on the court filing had no idea who Buzbee was. Reports indicate that Buzbee had fraudulently filed the names of people who had no knowledge that their names were being used in any type of civil litigation.

Tony Buzbee (right) poses with Donald Trump (middle) & Rick Perry (left) at 2020 campaign fundraiser

Buzbee’s ambitions aren’t limited to ambulance chasing civil suites either. Along with working for credentialized white supremacist like Rick Perry, Buzbee also ran for mayor of Houston in 2017, which he miserably lost. But in this instance, what occurred during the race was far more important than the outcome.

During the 2017 runoff, Buzbee reportedly ran a campaign add against his Black opponent incumbent Mayor Sylvester Turner, that showed a fake text messages between Mayor Turner and city employees, the video also showed doctored photos of Turner.

Buzbee’s personal life is no better.

Tony Buzbee 2016 DWI mug shot

In May of 2016 Tony Buzbee was arrested for DWI, his blood alcohol level was reported more than 3 times the legal limit.

Additionally, its been found that Buzbee has clear conflicts of interest, being a self-professed Texas football fan and Texas A&M regent, he managed to buy a home near several other Texan’s football team scouts. He even lives down the street from Texans’ administrative personnel who have reportedly been furious at Mr. Watson for requesting a trade from the team.

So what does a drunken con artist like Tony Buzbee have against Deshaun Watson, besides being another Black man who’s more successful than him?

Most likely nothing, but Buzbee is the outward tool being used by white supremacy to divorce Mr. Watson, a young Black millionaire who has donated his salary to literally create homes for thousands of Black families in need of help, of his $100 million dollar income earned from his ridiculous athletic feats.

While it may be abundantly clear to the grassroots that Mr. Watson is innocent, that understanding is not going to be presented by the same white media that has and continues to justify the lynching of Black men.

So the Family will need to have Deshaun’s back just like he had ours.

Sylvester Loving, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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