Kamala Harris Says America Isn’t Racist

America’s favorite bedwench is back.

After months of hiding, Kamala Harris is finally doing interviews again. Kamala asked to react to famed bootlick, Tim Scott’s senatorial address Thursday on ABC network, the premier white supremacist media mega-corporation.

Tim Scott (left) & Kamala Harris (right)

As usual, Scott went about claiming America was not racist regardless of the millions of Blacks its killed and stolen from, but what seems to be lighting social media up is Vice President Kamala “Nothing For Black People” Harris’s response.

During a Thursday morning appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Vice President Kamala Harris agreed with South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott that the United States is not a racist country, “America is not a racist country.” Harris said.

This only confirms why the Black polity outright rejected Harris during the 2020 Democratic primaries.
A woman who made her political career by aiding and abetting the murdering of Black people, forcing them into California labor camps, and threatening anyone who would who didn’t want their daughter freely attacked by the LAPD or Sheriffs with prosecution.

Kamala Harris is despicable, she always has been and always will be. The issue is now this deplorable woman has ability to harm the Black community nationally and we have a lot of Black folk who helped her achieve that.

And no, before any DNC activist claims this is sexist, I want to mention that I’m an unapologetic Black woman who hates this fraud.

Lets be clear Family, Kamala Harris covered up the rape and murder of Mitrice Richardson. Kamala Harris covered for the multitudes of white supremacist gangs inside the LA law enforcement departments. She refused to call herself Black until 2016, and she is half Brahmin, the caste of people that denigrate and kill our Dalit family members in India.

The original Dalit Panthers hold 1st meeting March, 1972

There is no forgiving her, or anyone that supported this killer. Kamala Harris can only be described as a white supremacist collaborator who prays her Nuremburg trial never comes.

As the newly revived Black collective, its our job to tie Harris’s name to the numerous war crimes she partook in during her reign as California attorney general.

She only gets away with covering up Mitirice’s murder if we let her. She may have sent thousands of our kin to their doom in the white supremacist gulags but we can still free them by forcing California legislators and prosecutors to reexamine every case Kamala had anything to do with.

Everyone knows who Kamala is today, but the task of guaranteeing that ‘Sidepiece’ Harris is brought to justice, well only the Family can see to that.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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