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Nasheed’s “Buck Breaking” Lands Bestseller

"It's real, its gritty, it was like I couldn't take my eyes away just knowing that something like that went down and we're still here.

Black film director Tariq Nasheed has created another hit, this time examining forced homophobia and maniacal manipulation in his latest film, Buck Breaking.
Buck Breaking Nasheed’s 7th documentary, opened for streaming and theatrical viewing this weekend and has dominated on Tubi and Amazon viewership rating listings. But viewership isn’t the only gold medal the black history documentary is receiving.

Buck Breaking has also been listed as #1 in best selling as well as documentary listings on Amazon, the largest streaming platform on planet earth.

This continues the long trend of Black grassroot film successes, kicked off by 7 A.M., a groundbreaking Black documentary covering the state of Black America that was created by critically acclaimed director and producer Jason Black.

In the latest chronicle of the Black media’s successes, Nasheed recaptures the information-based appeal of hidden colors while focusing on the acts of the degradation, torture, and manipulation used against Blacks during and after the Antebellum Holocaust.

(From left to right) Dr. Randy Short, Rizza Islam, Judge Joe Brown

“It’s real, its gritty, it was like I couldn’t take my eyes away just knowing that something like that went down and we’re still here. They went after the vulnerable but we couldn’t be beaten and Tariq brings that to light.” Said one Amazon reviewer of the film.

From Rizza Islam to Judge Joe Brown and even Dr. Randy Short, Nasheed brings together many of the Black community’s top scholars to give the rundown on white supremacy’s century old tactics.

The Black community would like to give props to Mr. Nasheed on his success of his most recent film.
Hell, if the grassroots keeps producing historically popular films the Black community might even need to consider an international award ceremony.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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