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Brotha Wrongfully Jailed for Defending Himself

It's unclear if the white supremacist attacker had pre-existing conditions or may have possibly been on narcotics of a sort prior to his death

On May 5, a young Black man was accosted at his place of employment. Corey Ellis Pujols, a young hard working Brotha who was just promoted to manager at Dunkin Donuts, one of his multiple jobs that he worked to keep himself afloat was attacked by a violent white supremacist calling him a multitude of anti-Black slurs.

Mr. Pujols was working his normal mid-day shift on Friday when one of his employees was verbally assaulted by a unnamed white supremacist who the Tampa Pedophiles, formerly called Tampa police, are refusing to name.

Tampa’s ‘Thugs with Badges’ were quick to hide the name of the white supremacist and have refused to name the person pressing charges against Mr. Pujols. They have however made Mr. Pujols home address available to the public, which means we’ll need a citizen’s guard to start taking shifts outside of his home in order to ensure his protection.

Upon calling the Tampa police we learned that several witnesses at the Dunkin confirmed that the white supremacist went through the drive-thru around 1:30 PM. The man was erratic, repeatedly cursing and yelling threats at the teenage employees. The white supremacist also spit on the drive-thru board and front window of the store. The employees refused to serve him and asked him to leave. Instead, the white supremacist parked his vehicle and stormed into the Dunkin.

That was when Mr. Pujols attempted to take control of a situation that he could see becoming more and more dangerous by the second.

The white supremacist first spit on Corey, then he called him a series of anti-Black slurs including the N-word and “porch monkey”. Corey finally had enough and asked the attacker to leave the store. At that moment the crazed white supremacist got so close to the young Brotha that they were bumping chest.
Corey fearing for his safety, struck the man and quickly stepped back to protect his remaining employees. The attacker fell to the ground and was taken to the hospital for stitches by Tampa Fire Rescue paramedics.
Even though one of Mr. Pujols’ own employees called the police to stop the attacker, the responders took over 10 minutes to show up. When the local ‘Thugs with Badges’ arrived they refused to charge the white supremacist attacker. Instead, they arrested Mr. Pujols for an alleged aggravated battery even though the store camera footage and several eye-witnesses reported that he was simply defending himself from the intemperate white supremacist onslaught.

Pujols told the ‘Thugs with Badges’ that the white supremacist was a regular customer, and was usually “extremely rude” but that day he called Pujols racial slurs.

3 days later After Mr. Pujols posted bail, the Tampa ‘Thugs with Badges’ came back to harass him. They claimed that he had violently attacked the white supremacist despite the mountain of evidence proving the contrary. They also claimed that the white supremacist attacker also died in a hospital nearly a week later.

Mr. Pujols was arrested and charged with manslaughter, even though he had provided evidence that he was defending himself from a lunatic.

It’s unclear if the white supremacist attacker had pre-existing conditions or may have possibly been on narcotics of a sort prior to his death. The Tampa ‘Thugs with Badges’ have refused to release an autopsy which means that the Family will need to hire our own.

Now the Tampa “Thugs with Badges” refuse to let him post bail even though they’ve allowed thousands of white supremacist killers and terrorist who committed actual crimes to be freed on whims.

This tragic story is just another reminder for the Family that the white supremacist are always willing to attack our babies, no matter how hard working or courteousness they are, the monsters will still attempt to invade their space, especially in the workplace. We need to get Corey out and make sure he’s home with his family. We need to call Dunkin and demand that Corey doesn’t loose his job due to some vile white supremacist who wanted to harm him. But most importantly, we need to support Corey financially so that he can get the best representation possible for Florida’s anti-Black courts.

Mr. Pujol’s family hasn’t posted a GoFundMe yet, but B1Daily is requesting any donation information available to be sent to

Kerry Hill, Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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