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UN says WS Systematic Genocide of Blacks are Crimes Against Humanity

The UN commission has also called upon the global community to support ICC investigations into the US's systemic white supremacy.

The world’s largest governing political entity, the UN, has declared that the white supremacist ethno-state formally known as America, has engaged in the systematic targeting of Black Americans and is indeed committing crimes against humanity.

After an extensive 20 day investigation focusing on the economic deprivation, systematic imprisonment, and murdering of Black Americans by the hands of the US government, human rights lawyers from around the globe now believe that they have enough evidence to bring the US before the highest court on the globe.

OVRA-like Baltimore police take aim at innocent Black American walking home, Maryland, USA 2015

‘This finding of crimes against humanity was not given lightly, we included it with a very clear mind,’ Commissioner Hina Jilani from Pakistan. Jilani has worked with the commission for over a decade but says even she could not believe the extent of the torture Black Americans endured at the hands of white supremacist police agencies.

UN Special Advocate Hina Jilani

‘Even I found the testimonies we heard in the US extremely distressing. I was taken aback that this country, which claims to be a global champion of human rights, itself fails to comply with international law.’ she stated.

The UN is prepared to prosecute US federal and state agencies or municipalities under international law, which is a major turning point in what many consider to be the greatest human rights struggle of all time.

Young American Brotha confronts Portland Thugs, Oregon, USA 2020

A 188-page report funded by the National Lawyers Guild Foundation to uncover the crimes that the US has committed against Black Americans in recent years.
The independent commission has made specific referrals to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Congress, among dozens of others.

Black protestors stage show of force in Dallas in response to white supremacist terroism, Texas, USA 2018

The commission’s referrals included a call for reparations to Foundational Black Americans, as well as calling for new legislation to punishment white supremacist economic, verbal, and physical attacks against Black Americans. The commission has also called upon the global community to support ICC investigations into the US’s systemic white supremacy.

‘Under color of law, Black people are targeted, surveilled, brutalized, maimed and killed by law enforcement officers with impunity’ the lengthy report states.

Portland anti-white supremacist protestors hold rally outside of local precinct

A much chatted on subject of the report is the finding that US police departments received $5.4 billion worth of weapons and other tactical equipment from the Pentagon since September 11, 2001. In response the commission has called for the complete demilitarization of white supremacy’s thugs–the local bobby forces.

Beloved activist & organizer of first successful anti-white supremacist peaceful protest, Darren Seals speaks to Family Missouri, USA 2014

The commissioners found that both U.S. laws and police practices do not comply with the international standards on the use of force. It went on to recommend further investigations be taken up by the U.N. HRC that would specifically focus on white supremacist crimes against humanity. That half of the report request that the investigation be conducted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and finishes by including several specific recommendations for the executive branch of the U.S. government.

Protestor prepares to throw sparkler at Thugs in Blue

In addition, the commissioners found violations of Black American’s right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence, which constitute extrajudicial killings, as well asbo the right to be treated with humanity and respect.

The commission’s recommendation for the Biden administration was that is should focus its time & energy on pursuing reparations for Black Americans immediately.

In order to become an ICC member state, the US must have 2/3’s of their senate chamber which is equivalent to an upper house, to sign off on joining the council, which seems proper given the Democratic control of the senate & the executive branch bigotedly named the ‘white House’.

Lastly, the commissioners recommend that the United States submit to legal the jurisdiction of the ICC for purposes of an investigation into these crimes against humanity against people of African descent in the U.S.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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