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NBA Star Kwame Brown ‘Bodies’ Breakfast Slubs

After the rubble was cleared, all the Black media could find was a series of bootlicking flunkies of white supremacy laying belly up.

Oh, the internet is undefeated.

This week on the white supremacist syndicated radio show, the Breakfast Club, Lenard McKelvey also known by his stage name “Charlemagne Tha God” attempted to call out what he described as toxic Black men.

The Breakfast Club, IheartRadio

McKelvey was predictably called out by the Black media and bombarded with negative comments on social media, but the biggest surprise was the response from ex-NBA star Kwame Brown who claimed that white media created celebrities like Charlemagne Tha God, Angela Yi, Dj ‘penis’ envy, Stephen ‘From Django’ Smith, or Jemele ‘Over the Hill’ don’t have the right to criticize what Brothas call masculinity.

Things got out of hand when the white media bootlicks tried to take personal shots at Kwame, not understanding that Mr. Brown had the backing of the Black media, and therefore the Black streets.

Kwame Brown & Kobe Bryant pose after scoring a combined 63 points in a single game, Dec 2005

Due to being humiliated by a retired NBA player who has relatively little clout in terms of social media presence, McKelvey and Angela Yi then proceeded to go about slandering Kwame’s family. McKelvey claimed that Kwame’s father was a murderer, and that his brother was a violent repeat offender. Without any of these claims being verified, iHeartRadio’s show slandered Mr. Brown and went further by saying that if Kwame’s family members allegedly did something bad, then he by default is a criminal himself. This is white supremacy 101.

That’s when Kwame decided to take off the gloves.

Lenard McKelvey (left) & victim Jessica Reid (right)

Brown brought up past incidents of Charlemagne being “toxic” and brought up McKelvey’s sexually abusive past. Kwame mentioned that McKelvey (Charlemagne) was accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old back in June 2001, and pled guilty to a associated charge in the case.

The accuser, named Jessica Reid, was 15 at the time when she accused Charlemagne Tha God of raping her. The victim even claimed that McKelvey laced her soda with ‘roofies’ to knock her out prior to his sexual assault.
Reid’s friend claimed that was the last thing she remembered, until she finally woke up “with a man trying to kiss her.” Reid’s friend said she was able to free herself from the man and went looking for Reid. She said she found Reid in a nearby room, “naked and crying stating that she had been raped.”

McKelvey was arrested the following month on charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree.

McKelvey provides mold of testicles and anus to co-host, Raashaun Casey, and later Elvis Duran

It doesn’t stop there for the Breakfast Club. McKelvey has a history of violence against women. Just in 2013, McKelvey admitted in an interview with VladTV, a Russian born DJ who has admitted himself to working on behalf of federal authorities, that he had previously beaten up his ex-girlfriend.

Kwame Brown then went for the ‘hard body‘ by calling out the McKelvey for giving a mold of his butt, penis, and testicles to another male host on the show as a birthday gift.

Then rather ruthlessly, Brown turned his attention Jemele Hill a longtime bedwench who got fired from ESPN for talking stupid. Since being kicked out of ‘massa’s big house’, she’s been trying to insert herself into trending issues in order to gain some resemblance of relevancy.

Headmaster of Mammie’s School for HoeCraft, Jemele Hill

Hill claimed that Mr. Brown was “being weak” and essentially claimed that he was lashing out for defending Black men in the face of white supremacist flunkies, she also said that Kwame was “violent”, a clear sign that Hill was attempting to get some form of physical retaliation against Kwame.

Kwame calmly called out her nonsense, and flat out said what everyone knows; Jemele Hill is simply a willing collaborator with white supremacist. Kwame stressed that even though its apparent to everyone watching that Jemele is nothing more than a (un)useful tool to the Nazis, she still is trying to support them by attacking other people that look just like her.

Mr. Brown only reminded Jemele that she needs to stay in her lane when Brothas are discussing business, although The Daily isn’t done with ‘Mammie Hill’ by a long shot, we’ll get back to roasting this degenerate later.

Finally, it was Stephen “From Django” Smith’s turn to take some heat. Brown stated that Stephen’s only real skill was talking, and for what its worth, he’s usually only talking mess about college recruited teenagers who’ve dedicated their whole lives to honing a skill.

Stephen A Smith

Brown is of course referencing the now nearly a decade old Smith rant at FIU. Stephen A Smith was a guest at a college event in Florida Institutional University back in 2012 where he talked dirty about Kwame Brown’s skills on the court.

For anyone who watches NBA, its openly known that Brown was absolutely phenomenal when he was alongside Kobe Bryant in LA. He also went to 2005 playoffs with the Wizards before this, and his most consistent production came at the Charlotte Bobcats under Michael Jordan’s ownership. Once again, another random athlete proved that Stephen Smith has no business commentating on sports that he can’t even play himself.

After the rubble was cleared, all the Black media could find was a series of bootlicking flunkies of white supremacy laying belly up. Guess the grassroots win this round.

Marcus Davis, Barrington Williams ,B1Daily

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