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King Randall Opens News School for Young Brothas

Another Brotha is opening up a new school for Black boys, and the anticipation is mounting.

King Randall, a 21 year-old Brotha from Albany, Georgia has decided to take up the responsibility that many of us assumed was being carried out by “wealthy” Black society, the responsibility of teaching other young Black men how to win.

King Randall

Randall who is a ex-marine decided to take time from his military career, to instead aide Black youth who desperately need the skills to not only survive this Injustice system, but thrive in it.
That’s where Randall’s school for “The X for Boys” comes in.

In Randall’s words, The X for Boys is a “Man-Making Machine”, the academy focuses on grooming excellence in Black boys, as well as teaching them to be winners.

Randall conducts the youth’s daily reading session

“I gave it all up for The “X” for Boys because there is a war that needs to be fought inside of our country and that’s a war on our young men!”

The X academy hosts dozens of field trips meant to broaden the horizons of our boys, provides automotive repair training, youth construction workshops, firearms safety training and even a book club that includes some of Dr. Claude Anderson works.

Randall from his time in the USMC

The academy’s motto is “Let US make a man”, which is suiting given the track record of young successes coming out of the school.

Like many great Brothas before him, Randall used personal tragedy to build himself up. After leaving the Marines, Randall initially drove a forklift for a private corporation for long hours every day. Being required to work excruciatingly long night shifts, Randall eventually fell asleep on the job and without being written up, was fired as a result.

That’s when Randall decided to start learning odd-job skills like painting, hair cutting, and auto repair so that he could teach other young Brothas how to work for themselves and give them skills that would allow them to not have to beg others for work.

It was so wildly successful that other kids saw Randall and wanted to know how to be like him, so he started a group that would take field trips, practice self-defense training, and learn about the gig economy.
The group grew so big that eventually Randall decided to start his own school, and then went about purchasing 3 vacant buildings. He also purchased a school bus for transportation of the youth.

Randall’s program was so successful that the mother of one of the boys who has been in his program for a while has been faithfully sending her son on the 3 hour trip from Atlanta to Albany without ever having met King Randall in person.

“We were the fourth poor city in the United States. Our household income is very low. The poverty level is very high. Crime rates amongst our young men ages 17 to 25 are just extremely high and we don’t have any rehabilitative programs for juveniles that are leaving the juvenile justice system.” Randall stated.

“So I decided to start a program when I was 19 years old because I saw some classmates going to jail. I had classmates in jail for 30, 40 years. Classmates that have been killed, etcetera. And I’m just like nobody wants to work with the youth. So I decided to do it myself even though I was a teenager at the time, I still wanted to do something.”

Support the X academy here, and learn more about the new initiative that’s changing Black lives!

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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