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On Code: Ghana Replaces Foreign Engineers with actual Ghanaians

Ghana Gas Company Limited, the largest producer of oil in the nation has decided to put their own citizen's first.

African countries over the years have spent huge sums of money recruiting expatriate technicians, all the while denying opportunities for local talented African youth. Unfortunately, this has created a tilted cycle where Africa’s most talented leave the continent in search of work, since the local economies keep hiring foreigners instead.

But Ghana wants to change that.

Ghana Gas Company Limited, the largest producer of oil in the nation has decided to put their own citizen’s first. According to the company, the organization has been in the process of making the move for over 4 years. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ben Asante has disclosed that the company has been saving $3.5 million each month since the decision to replace Chinese engineers was implemented.

The Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC) is the nation’s premier gas company and is responsible for producing lean gas, condensate, LPG and plays a major role in the nation’s industrial sector.

What started as a bid to deal with excessive cost of workers quickly grew to a “Ghanaian First” movement. Ghana Gas recruited and trained 50 Ghanaian engineers to take up the task; the CEO revealed during a recent tour at the facility that Ghana gas company has successfully replaced all 50 Chinese expatriate staff.

Ghana Gas Company Complex

Dr. Asante insists that the new Black engineers are “brilliant” and is confident that they will maintain optimum efficiency going forward.

Now let’s hope that other African nations follow suit.

Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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