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Return of the Nazis: Texas Passes Law Banning Protesting white Supremacy

Texas as usual, is at the forefront of the 4th Reich's political aspirations.

If you don’t salute, you may be killed.

National Socialist Movement member prepares for Dallas rally

We all recognize the fascist face of white supremacy manifest itself in all aspect of daily life, rather it be in their obscene kangaroo courts rulings, through their death squads posing as “police”, or any of their pseudo-academic babblings attempting to pass itself off as “science”, but where white supremacy is most devious– where it is the most effective is it’s usage of politics as a means of racist domination.

Texas as usual, is at the forefront of the 4th Reich’s political aspirations.

The state has passed legislation mandating sports teams, and indeed other athletic or presumably athletic associated organizations be required to play a anti-Black hate song before every public event.

Spurs players protest anti-Black racism

Legislation that is openly and aggressively unconstitutional,” Rep Gene Wu (D) uttered when the law was being debated on the floor of the statehouse.

But its widely understood that white supremacy isn’t about a constitution or any series of laws for that matter. Its about violence and domination of Black people.

When looking at the actions of the Texas state legislator in this aspect, its clear that they aim to fill the “domination” margin on the white supremacist score board.

Coach Tim Duncan games up player

Meanwhile the NBA, a racist organization itself, has declared that all teams must play a national anthem that openly slanders Black Americans and spits on the sacrifices of their angelic ancestors. For what’s its worth, the NBA is an organization that makes a vast majority of its funding off of the labor of Black men, while an similar majority of owners are white men. White supremacy is nothing if not tragically ironic.

Black citizens must return to our own sports leagues if we’re to ever hope of ridding ourselves of having to defer to the evil cabals of racist that monopolize our labor like the NBA, NFL, and yes, Dana White’s UFC.

Racist former NBA owner Donald Sterling

We’re the essential talent, the white supremacist aren’t essential in anyway to the equation of sports entertainment success.

So by all means, we should be owning the media and production structures surrounding these events–our displays of superhuman prowess, but most importantly we require the control of all revenues streams stemming from our own endeavors, its just that simple.

Black-owned Freedom Football League

Its abundantly clear that even if the Nazis in the Texas legislator continue to pass blatantly illegal “laws” or white supremacist dictates, the people will still not abide by them. Towards the end of the 3rd Reich, the American white supremacist’s Germanic predecessor, its political parties began pushing for legislation guaranteeing the salutation of Nazi symbology.

Ice Cube’s BIG 3 basketball league

In other words, every fascist regime makes punishing the protesting of its symbols as illegal. Just look at what the white supremacist our doing to our Family in England. Texas is no different in the grand scheme of the global fight against white supremacy. It seeks to set a political precedent of openly targeting citizens for standing up to racism and terrorism, which means it has committed treason against the people of the United States.

Black citizens are under no obligation to take directives from Nazis like Gregg half bit–uh Abbott or Dan “Piss Poor” Patrick or any of the other white supremacist masquerading as law makers.

Sinister 6, Gregg Abbott (bottom-right)

We are however under obligation to fight these reprobates by not only continuing to get that racist anti-Black anthem ban in every state, but also revamping our protesting tactics.

What made the 2016 racist anthem and police murdering protest successful was that Black Americans turned our very real life & death struggle against the Nazis into a successfully viral media campaign. One that grew to such popularity that it sparked protest around the world simultaneously in 2020.

The previous iteration of the Nazis weren’t beaten by good intentions or kind words. Their incarnations cannot either.

Barrington Williams,B1Daily

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