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Jay Z & Meek buy a Devil a New Car

Rappers Shawn Carter & Robert Williams buy a new car for multi-billionaire child molester, Robert Kraft.

Rappers Shawn Carter & Robert Williams have bought a new car for multi-billionaire child molester, Robert Kraft.

Robert Kraft, child molester

Aside from both musical artist being well known for their coonery, many in the Black Twitersphere questioned why a group of black men including several NFL players as well as a NBA team owner decided to go about buying a ridiculously expensive gift for a racist sports team owner like Robert Kraft.

Shawn Carter (left) & Robert Williams (right) show off what they sold out for

The rappers purchased a custom blue Bentley convertible said to have an estimated worth sitting around $350,000.

Creepy Kraft scopes his new custom Bentley Continental GTC convertible for the first time

Wow, some 80th birthday gift, huh?

By the way, does anyone remember Robert Williams or Meek Mill (‘weak will’ for what he’s worth) giving two Black children in Atlanta $20 dollars a few years ago?
Just asking for a friend.

Rapper Meek Mill cringes at having to give fellow ATL Black youth $20 dollars

Everyone’s now questioning the nature of the connection between the two musical artist and Kraft .

Carter, Williams and 76ers team owner Michael Rubin partnered with Kraft in January 2019 to form the “criminal reform” organization named REFORM Alliance.

What does criminal reform mean? Well REFORM Alliance doesn’t believe in tasking the white supremacist who make and enforce anti-Black laws against us with fixing anything.

From left to right: Shawn Carter, Van Jones, Robert Kraft, Michael Rubin

Instead, they focus on “common sense solutions” to “dramatically reduce the number of people needlessly trapped in the criminal justice system”.
A do nothing quote for a do nothing organization.

But lets not forget that this grass turf organization was created for a purpose, and that purpose is to siphon resources from legitimate Black groups looking to break the white supremacist’s injustice system.

Oh yeah, the fake organization’s chair head is Van Jones, so we know nothings getting done in that building. And yes, if anyone was wondering if there were anymore discount bootlicks to coming to the defense of the rappers, look no further; Marc Lamont Hill also works as a “advocate” for the group.

Wonder Twins, Jeffery Epstein (left) & Robert Kraft (right)

The REFORM alliance was said to have been given over $55 million from several professional sports team owners and philanthropists in the wake of the 2016 police murder protest.

Meaning that Carter & Williams are knowingly allowing themselves to be useful tools to white supremacy. Their goal is to redirect the righteous energy we’ve been putting out against the race soldiers, and instead focus Black citizens who could be potential activist to instead focus on more talking and more voting for quick or quicker deaths at the hands of the white supremacist.

Meek and Jay can’t donate millions to the grassroots because THEY don’t actually have millions, their owners–producers, ‘talent agents’ or whatever their depraved masters call themselves, own those millions and those men don’t plan on allowing Amos or Andy to give any of their funds to the same Black streets that will soon over throw their ethno-plutocracy.

Shawn Carter shows off his “Jesus Piece” chain made from blood, sweat and tears of impoverished African youth

As a elder of the Black streets once said, “There’s gotta be some punishment for those calling themselves opposing the Black grassroots’ agenda” and we here at the Daily aim to to make sure that the message is delivered.

So, the way we see it, if Meek & Jay Z love taking our money and giving it to brazen white supremacist like Robert Kraft so much, then we should make it our priority to not buy any of their trash music or bummy clothing from their failing fashion lines.

This way Carter & Williams can be left alone to suck up to (or suck on) pedophiles like Robert Kraft, and they won’t have to worry about the Black streets criticizing them for the whole “pride” thing.

Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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