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Nguyen commits anti-Black attack, Brothas respond

Family in the area reported that Nguyen fled from his home in the midst of the night, leading concerned Brothas to initiate a statewide manhunt.

A 29 year-old Korean man named Ryan Le-Nguyen, attempted to kill a Black child in eastern Michigan earlier this week.

Ryan Le-Nguyen, 29

Around 4:30pm Family members in the Ypsilanti Township area reported to local authorities that they had heard a child screaming and that they had saw blood splattered throughout the street.

The young boy who was attacked by Nguyen said that he and his friends who were 9 & 13 years old were playing on the sidewalk near their house, which happens to be near Nguyen’s.

The boys say that they left their bike on the sidewalk near Nguyen’s yard while they played a game. Upon the youth returning to get their bikes, they noticed Nguyen screaming at them, he then sprinted through his front door and began swinging a 8lb. sledge hammer at the children.
The youth sensing that their lives were in immediate danger, ran for safety. The six year child who shall remain unnamed, quickly stopped during the murderous pursuit, and attempted to grab his bike.

Young child who was nearly killed by Ngyuen

Then things took a even darker turn.

Nguyen seeing the child with his back turned then went back into his house, and shot they young man with his Smith & Wesson 9MM M2.0 compact pistol. The rounds he used are unclear, additionally its still unknown if local race soldiers even confiscated the weapon that he used to attempt his murder.
Local race soldiers heard the dispatch report of a Black child being shot, and subsequently responded over 30 minutes after the attempted killing had taken place.

Arnold Daniel and his young son call B1 Family for help

The incident was captured on video by a Amazon Ring camera and showed children running down a sidewalk when a gunshot goes off.

The father of the young child was in shock, but he was slightly put at ease when Nguyen was arrested for assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to do bodily harm and two firearms charges since he illegally had a gun in his possession.

However the white supremacist are always either planning or carrying out their next offensive against us.

“Magistrate” Elisha Fink

Nguyen hadn’t been held for 24 hours before he was quickly brought before a white supremacist “Magistrate” named Elisha V. Fink who represents District Court 14-A.

Fink said that Nguyen had been through a “serious situation” and essentially congratulated him for attempting to murder a Black child. She topped off her proceeding by setting a $10,000 bail which is equivalent to a traffic violation bond, she also went as far as wishing Nguyen “good luck” before letting him take his leave.

Nguyen bonded out later that night, a free attempted killer.

“The situation was just like Zimmerman, I was just so angry and I just didn’t know what to do.” said a Ypsilanti local who requested to remain unnamed.

However, the Ancestors knew exactly what to do.

Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit

Brothas from several unnamed organizations supported by the B1 Family arrived on the scene of the Township within 6 hours of the Nguyen being released.

Family in the area reported that Nguyen fled from his home in the midst of the night, leading to concerned Brothas to initiate a statewide manhunt.
Other Family members not equipped to search for Nguyen called the county prosecutor, Eli Savit and began reporting Fink to the state bar association. The Family also showed up to the local race soldiers pretending to be sheriffs’ office and had a friendly discussion with them.

Ryan Le-Nguyen, upper right, appears before Magistrate Elisha Fink on June 7, 2021, along with his defense attorney, Joe Simon

Neighbors reported that Nguyen had a series of violent incidents with locals, none of which ending up in his arrest. He’s said to routinely screamed racist epithets at Black citizens passing by his house, he’s swung on a Sista in the area for calling him out on his anti-Black racism, and regularly shows off his illegally owned firearm by walking around with a gun protruding from his waist.

As a result, the Washtenaw County prosecutor’s office filed an emergency motion to cancel Le-Nguyen’s bond, the bail was raised to $100,000 which still makes no sense when one considers the numerous cases where Black men simply accused of a non-violent act received no bail.

Nguyen then fled to the Washetenaw race soldier’s office, alleging that he was being followed and threatened.

Washtenaw county race soldiers pose with their pet coon

Later in the night, they received notice of the bail increase, he was then re-arrested at the precinct.

We know it doesn’t need to be said, but the entire B1Daily staff is blissfully proud of the Michigan Family for responding to this travesty accordingly.
When we fight, we win. But when we organize and fight, we dominate.

Barrington Williams, Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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