The People vs ‘Touchy Toobin’

Jeffery 'Tougin His' Toobin is back and he's itching (no pun intended) to show up in your living room!

Jeffery ‘Tougin His’ Toobin is back, and its no surprise to anyone that the network who picked him back up out of the trash heap has their own reputation for sleazy goofball behavior.

Yes, Ted Turner, the Goebbels of his time, allowed his TV network, CNN to rehire Toobin as a chief legal analyst despite his masturbating in front of several female colleagues during a October zoom call.

Toobin then claimed that he believed he was “off-camera” during the humiliating incident.

“I believed I was not visible on Zoom,” Toobin said. “I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. I thought I had muted the Zoom video.”
Clearly karma exist.

Toobin made his small fortune by pushing pro-cop propaganda and anti-Black bigotry for the likes of primeval white supremacist families like the Turners and Newhouses, however his claim to fame would be creating the defamatory “biography” on OJ Simpson’s trial.

‘Touchy’ Toobin titled his book “The (white) People vs OJ”, it chronicled what he saw as the trial of the century, never mind the literal hundreds of white mass shooters murdering people in public places, no instead this Black man falsely accused by the racist LAPD was the trial of the century.

Meanwhile this jackass was so busy touching himself that he couldn’t be bothered to look up the facts surrounding Simpson’s case, heck Toobin could be bothered to be factual on anything related to a Black people because he was chosen by his wealthier white supremacist cousins to sling the soap or better yet, throw the mud at Black citizens.

Now Toobin has been exposed (no pun intended, really) to the world for the fraud he’s always been. He’s been roasted continually on social media since late 2020, and hasn’t shown his face until a recent interview with CNN’s hardnosed karen (again, no pun intended), Alisyn Camerota.

Toobin may beg for forgiveness on TV, but that’s not enough for the Family.

This bastard needs to be called out every day for the sexual deviant that he is. We already knew he was a racist hobbit, but to know that he’s a pervert too only confirms that the white supremacist truly do run in packs of degenerates.

Check out what Twitter had to say.

Marcus Davis,B1Daily

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