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Revenge of the Fallen: Biden Escalates His Anti-Black War

Now that 'Jim Crow' Joe has garnished some resemblance of power, he plans to complete his ultimate goal of eradicating Black people.

In a direct contradiction to a majority of the nation’s political sentiments, President Joe Biden has recently announced that he not only supports the overt militarization of the country’s law enforcement personnel, but that he also openly supports the increased funding of police–which means he supports the funding of white supremacist terrorist cells.

A young Senator Joe Biden (Right) gushes over his proclaimed mentor Strom ‘Hangman’ Thurmond (Left)

Biden started the first 100 days of his presidency with the usual insults and maltreatment of his Black constituency, providing “no strings” attached recreational funding to tune of billions of dollars to non-Black constituencies, and refusing to allow his justice department to bring treasonous charges against white supremacist who attempted to overthrow the United States government on January 6th.

Now Biden seeks to make his next 100 days centered exclusively around reinforcing white supremacy’s constellation of armed enforcement apparatuses, many agencies of which took huge hits in domestic funding thanks to the now worldwide popularized “Defund the Police” movement.

white supremacist prepare for frontal assault on Black citizens

Since Black citizen’s confront the race soldiers in the 2020 uprising, “Thug Agencies” have suffered a staggering 45% increase in the retirement rate and an 18% increase in resignations in the past year, according to a recent survey conducted by the ‘Police Executive Research Forum’, an white supremacist-affiliated think tank studying the race soldier’s legal difficulties.

Race soldiers pose in front of newly purchased $200,704 Lenco Bearcat armored vehicle

Additionally dozens of states have started the process to end qualified immunity, a legal loophole that allows race soldiers to not be sued. Just last month, Colorado became the first US state to invalidate the white supremacist’s immunity from law by ending qualified immunity.

Race soldier poses with $105,000 Long Range Acoustic Device  360XL-MID

Initially offering hundreds of millions in guaranteed liquid funds from the George Floyd Bill, a bill who’s supposed focus was tackling the white supremacist terrorism in the US, to white-America’s “Thug Agencies” also called police departments, Biden has now went even further, guaranteeing over $350 billion of funding from the American Rescue Plan, a bill which the Democratic party has repeatedly claimed is for fighting the Wuhan virus.

NYPD Tactical Drones used for “carrying equipment and monitoring”

Despite hundreds of national polls confirming that a vast majority of US citizens hold a unfavorable view of white supremacy’s armed enforcers, the Biden administration has doubled down in efforts to fund & further militarize the white supremacist.

TheDaily must note that it was originally primordial white supremacist like Joe Biden, Strom Thurmond, and James Eastland who first initiated the practice of using federal tax dollars to fund local death squads. It was also Biden who with the 1994 crime bill AKA Biden’s law started the practice of providing military grade equipment including fully-automatic firearms, explosives, LRADs, tank-like armored vehicles, drones, and access to federal intelligence programs.

Black citizens knew that Joe Biden was a virulent, committed anti-Black racist, yet many still chose to vote for a man who is on record stating that he wouldn’t want Black people near his kids, even though he is on record on multiple occasions praising Nazis, and even went about creating the modern day criminal industrial complex. Ironically, now all of America’s Black citizenry must stand to face the consequences of their kin’s foolish decisions.

Terrence Dorner, Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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